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The Ego
Cheaters. I don't like them. Yet it seems as though Dubai is full of the sodding lot.

Anyway, I met this guy recently through common friends. Seemed decent enough. Few years older, with a wife and kids. Wife and kids are on a holiday right now. Chatted a bit, met up a few times. All platonic mind you. Then the weird stuff starts. Calls asking to meet at random times. Calls asking why I wasn't talking to him. Text messages asking the same. Emails. The whole shebang. Texting me to tell me how beautiful I looked.

Full stop has been noted. Barrier has been erected. A divider has been placed.

Goodbye despo.
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1 Response
  1. Omani Jewel Says:

    Dear BFE,

    sorry but its been awhile... i've been searching for why your in such a heartbreaking state... i hope u dont mind but briefly what happened... ? and keep in mind the other person doesnt know how ur feeling so why do this to your self...

    before u pounce on me :-), i have been through a heart brak that nearly had the death of me.... u have to be storong no matter what...
    you have to believe that something good always comes out of something bad....

    if you need a friend just sent an email and if you dont find us too creepy then may be pick up the phone..:-)

    hope you feel

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