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The Ego
I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at the ridiculous circumstances.

When I was in the UK, I'd mostly watch movies alone save maybe...2-3 times when I went with someone else. Which is fine, I got used to going for movies alone there.

You'd think I'd have friends in Dubai to call on to watch a movie with me. Nope. Most times that I've gone for movies since I was back I've gone alone since people are either too busy or too angry with me to go, or no one is as close as I'd like for a movie viewing.

It's weird but since coming back...I haven't spoken on the phone to anyone for more than perhaps 2-3 minutes if ever. It's a complete turnaround from the time before I left.

Hahahaha before I left I was the one who had problems going out often. Now when I can, other people do. Ah well.

Edit: It strikes me that not only for movies...but almost everything else I've gone out for, I've gone alone most of the time. My Brit state of living followed me back here!!! :D
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