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The Ego
Dear Po,

I miss you. You're far away on a day when I would have loved to have you right next to me. Our first anniversary...happy one year to us.

I keep thinking of last you kissed me. It still sends a tingle up my spine. Even now. You ticked all my check boxes. We've had a blast in one year...we've had the most insane ups and downs. Did I tell you how much I love you?

You're the reason for so many good things in my life. So many good things... Heck, even my work experience and jobs are because of your support and the push you gave me to revamp some things. I carry a bit of you everyday with me. You're always there in my mind... Never does time go by without me thinking of you. Sometimes I think... WWPD? What would Po do?

You're the calm to my madness. You're the silver lining of all my cloudy days. You're the diamond among the coals in my life.

We've had a few setbacks recently, in almost a filmy fashion. I'm reminded of the Indian movies from the early 90s I think. In a detached way, that makes me laugh. But I'd like to think my love for you, and yours for me, is greater than the hate others feel for us.

I've stocked up on Valentine's Day cards and anniversary cards for the next few years. Silly perhaps...but my weird way of saying I want this to last.

I'll see you next year, yeah?


PS - I think you'll notice something about the font... :)
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The Ego
Something amazing happened this week... the only silver lining in the blackest cloud I've had to face. And now I'm being made to wait just a little bit more for it. It's like, you've been told you're getting candy at 10am on Thursday and now they're saying, wait...we'll let you know on Sunday when you'll actually get it. Three more days and counting... Just got to keep telling myself it's almost here. Worth the wait and all that...

In Dubai-related news... I've cleared out a lot of things from my house, and we're just waiting for one or two more things we need to decide if we don't want anymore... and then we're calling the Take My Junk people ... There's loads of clothes, shoes, art/crafts unused material still in good condition ... and here's the best bit, my TV, DVD player and VCR. I just don't need those anymore; I use my laptop for everything; I don't need my own TV and entertainment system in my room...I mean, there already is the entertainment stuff in the living room so... it'll go to good use, since everything is either brand new or in very good condition. Am sure there are more people who need these items, so...that's that.

In more waiting AND Dubai-related news... I need a car, but have to wait because it's not like my father is going to pay for a new car for me. But that isn't stopping me for scoping cars out...I've my eye on something. Here's hoping I can afford it soon and all that.

I'm in this weird mood, needing to eat fattening stuff. Comfort eating, damn it all.

With that thought... ciao.
The Ego

I don't wanna cry every time we try it never fails
Change the illusion wanna be close set for sail
My heart's in your hand don't you go hurt me again
all we got is one chance and it's sink or swim
So why rock a boat and make waves
And everything's coming okay
why am I confused if you love me
Thought this would be smooth sailing

The Ego
A conversation I had today with a very helpful man at a money transfer centre:

Me: I would like to transfer $XXX to this bank.
Him: Sure, can you write your name and number here? *gives me paper and pen*
Me: *scribble scribble scribble*
Him: Ma'am can you also write your company name?
Me: Eh.
Him: Ma'am, company name...where you work?
Me: Oh I don't work.
Him: You don't have a job?
Me: No.
Him: No company?
Me: No company.
Him: Hmmm. Student?
Him: Oh.
Me: *waits patiently*
Him: Housewife? *hopefully*
Me: No! *indignantly*

He put me down as a tourist.
The Ego
Clearly I need to make being an agony aunt to my friend's lives a full-time paying job. I'd certainly rake in purely for listening time ;)

Anyway, this is another friend who is having some issues. Any advice is, as always, appreciated.

She's in a long-term relationship, and loves this guy, whom I've met and by all accounts and personal observations is a decent guy. He seems to adore her as well. Anyway, after time had passed in their relationship, they told their parents. Her parents like him and met him, while his objected vehemently to the relationship, citing her strong-willed and independent nature as a problem for them. They also said they did not get good vibes from her (upon seeing her photograph) among other numerous things they had issues with, concerning her and her family. Anyway, currently her boyfriend is pretending to his family that he is not in a relationship with her to keep them happy, saying he will bring the topic up again, perhaps in a few months or even longer, when he is in a better position financially to argue his case. She told him her nature isn't going to change neither are any of the other problems they raised. What then? But he has refused to budge on his stance. She still loves him ... but is confused about how to deal with him as she feels he needs to stand up for her and support her now when it counts.

The Ego
Years ago, a group of people would be gathered around a table, sitting in places they had sat every birthday in the family for a very long time. There would be platefuls of food and drink around the table, laughter, chatter. This easy camaraderie would last two to three hours at the very least, before the cake, the magnificent cake, was brought out. The birthday boy/girl in question would cut the cake and serve everyone. Everyone would eat, some would go off to sleep in the afternoon and wake up around tea time, refreshed from their heavy yet happy lunch.

Then evil entered.

The lunches continued, perhaps a bit more subdued, perhaps a little guarded. Things of importance were never discussed.

Evil killed. One among the group was taken. Because of her.

The evil was barred from the house that once had seen such happiness.

Birthdays come and go, the celebrations have gone. The good people have lost. For now.

*         *         *         *

And with some happier thoughts....

A birthday saw volleyball, a BBQ party, a car full of balloons, a surprise party and accidental drunken-ness in a colder land, in different years.

This year...a birthday sees...a lot of food with a select few...mother, brother and Po. That's all that is needed.
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