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The Ego
Big Fat Ego - that is me - has been busy :D

The work placement is going alright - I'm not just checking mailbags or making tea or doing photocopies, but I'm actually writing news nibs for the website of the publication I'm interning with. Which is absolutely brilliant.

The people are super-friendly and quite helpful if I have any questions.

Adding this publishing house to my CV is going to be ACE.
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The Ego
A friend just asked Po: "Happy three months; does it feel like three years yet?"

He replied: "Haha, it's both actually. It feels like I've known her for three years in the way we do our day-to-day thing and how much we know about each other? But relationship-wise, it feels like we started yesterday and are always so excited to get to know each other and go through that..."

And my friend just said to me: "You guys are the real fairytale"

Here's to more charmed glass slippers then :)
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The Ego
Many interesting (well, interesting to me anyway) topics to share with you!

I did it! I started another blog. Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post on the same topic. Now I have this blog, my official blog and my photo blog. And I guest blog for Po. I'm pretty sure I can handle all 4... this should be fun!

In addition, something awesome is coming up for me in the next week: I have an internship coming up with a high-profile magazine in the UK and I'm part-excited and part-nervous. Wish me luck everyone; will be blogging from a different city next week :D

Another thing that has come to pass: this will be the last week I have with my flatmates as the rent contract comes to a close and everyone moves out. Going to miss two of them A LOT as they've really been there for me when it counted. I hope to keep in touch with them even after this week :)

One last thing: congratulations to Po. He has entered the civilized world and gotten a laptop which has an integrated webcam. Finally :P

And so ... all these things have finally come to pass :D
The Ego
It's been a year since my grandfather passed away.

Doesn't feel like a year, you know? It seems so recent. It still feels fresh. Isn't that odd?

The Ego
I know this is insane.

I have this blog.

I post to Po's blog.

I also have another blog under my real name, which is hosted on two different platforms.

That's three blogs, plus a duplicate, so four.

So why am I thinking of starting another one?!?!

Contemplating it seriously...
The Ego
What is the Tights Phenomenon?

It's rather odd but I think many people who come to the UK to study will leave with a changed fashion sense. One thing that many people imbibe is the culture of wearing tights. With anything and everything.

Loose, over-sized t-shirt? Wear those tights! Long top but not long enough to wear as-is? Wear those tights!

The last time I wore tights I was 11, big as a beached whale and had an atrocious sense of colour. Now, I'm 23, 14 kilos lighter since September 2009 and stick to colours I know look good after loads of experience. And now I wear tights.

The first time I wore tights was when I was in Dubai over Christmas and New Year holidays. Since then I haven't looked back. Before I came to the UK, I always wondered how people would walk outside in tights; didn't they feel shy? I must admit the first time I left my room in them and walked on the street, I was convinced people were staring at me and laughing or something.

Not true. People were looking, but they were not laughing. I think it depends on the confidence with which one should carry themselves, which I eventually learned to do.

It's the Tights Phenomenon. Now I'm thinking of getting coloured tights and moving on from my standard black tights. I'm immersing myself in the tights culture...Viva La Tights!
The Ego

Absolutely in love with this song. Completely. Irrevocably. Entirely.

"It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now.
And I said I wouldn't call but I'm a little drunk and I need you now.
And I don't know how I can do without, I just need you now."
The Ego
Right. Even though it's a long way away ... I've booked my ticket back to Dubai!

I won't be going for quite some time but the prices have been going up and I decided to book months in advance so as to avoid burning a hole in my - father's - wallet!

Just so excited about it!!!
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