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The Ego
"6 months of patience and understanding...
4 months of flirting and affection...
2 months of bottomless love...

...and you love me for the burrito?"

And on that cutesy note ... Happy 300th Post to Big Fat Ego!

Note: Po's recipe for burritos is truly divine though :D
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The Ego

I didn't step out of my flat today as I wasn't feeling well (all hail Panadol) but did ask my flat-mate who had gone downstairs to get me my favourite chocolate from the vending machine.

And it was SO GOOD.

Seriously, you want to make me smile? Give me TimeOut. I will love you for it :D
The Ego
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When I go to bed without talking to just doesn't feel right.
Something or the other is missing.
Whispering to you with half closed eyes has it's own charm. I love to slowly give in to slumber while struggling to find the right words to answer you.
Silence with you is so comfortable.
I love to hear you breathe. Just the thought of you being on the other line of the call for me is enough to wrap my day with a smile.
But, when I don't get to hear you, it's just...autumn
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The Ego
"Do you want some orange juice?" he asked.
"No," she replied.

She stood at the French windows, gazing out into the bright courtyard through white gauze.

"Why don't you sit down?" he asked gently.

She wrung her hands silently. Making up her mind within seconds, she sat beside him.

After random spurts of stilted conversation, she animatedly said, "I wake up every morning at 7am and..."

...and he swooped in.
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The Ego
Right, apologies for not updating this blog lately. I've exams and portfolio submissions going on at the moment, which definitely makes it harder to blog about anything else other than my studies. I'll be relatively free towards to the end of this week, when I'm sure I'll be able to blog again!

Other than that, I've discovered a completely new area of the place I live in and even though I found it because I'd gone there to see if I could get my camera fixed (which as you know it can't be), it's absolutely brilliant. It's a long stretch of unending road with shops on either side which make me want to whip my wallet out. Looking forward to going back there soon!

See you after my exams!
The Ego
"Be yourself - everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde

I was being interviewed today by a really good friend of mine from university for her individual writing project. She's doing a piece on inter-cultural and inter-religious relationships and asked if I'd speak to her about my experience. Fair enough, I said, I'd be glad to help out.

But this blog post is not exactly about that. Towards the end of the formal interview, she said something which interested me.

Rihanna (that's what I'm going to call her): You seem much happier now from last semester.
Me: Yes I am; that's true.
Rihanna: Yeah it shows ...
Me: Oh?
Rihanna: Yeah, you're much friendlier now.
Me: *open mouth* What? You mean I wasn't friendly before??? *aghast* I feel like I should apologize now to people :-/
Rihanna: Oh no, don't worry about it. It's just that people on our course have commented on how you've changed from last semester. You're just more open now.
Me: Oh...
Rihanna: Yeah, they now think that you're absolutely ace.

And the weirdest thing is, she isn't the first person to tell me this. Apparently until January I was masked in a way - reserved - and after that it's as if I've opened up emotionally and socially.

I suppose shedding off adjustments one has made over the last three years takes time. Looks like I'm back to being me.
The Ego
I own a Canon A720 IS. I love it. It's my pride and joy. Two weeks ago, I was taking pictures at a coffee shop when the camera slipped from my hand. And it fell. When the lens was open. Like it is in this picture. And the shutter broke in half...half of it is still missing. I couldn't find it anywhere no matter how hard I looked. I thought...well, okay, the shutter is missing but at least it's still taking pictures. Then I looked closely at the pictures when I transferred them to my laptop. Blurry. Even in Auto mode - they're blurry. Even with the flash, they're blurry. The camera just won't focus on anything anymore.

Today I finally journeyed to the only camera repair shop I found in the area where I live. They took a look at it and advised me to not spend money on repairs as it would cost the same as, or more than a new camera. I trooped out of the shop broken-hearted.

This camera has been with me for years and I trust it and love it sooo much. I don't like taking pictures anymore because when I look at the image on the screen, I see the quality and it just hurts.
I wanted to buy this phone (the SE Vivaz) for myself this year and was working towards a plan that would allow me to buy it in July or August. Now I'm not sure if I want to use the money I had allocated for the phone to go to a new camera. I wish I had the money to buy both, but I just have none.
It's a hard choice for choose between a camera and a new cell-phone. On a split-second decision, I'd say the camera, but then I think...well the Vivaz has a good camera so if I take that, I can hold off on buying a new camera until I find something that satisfies me.

Hopefully, I'll figure out what I want to do ... just a few more months of dealing with a phone that's falling apart and a camera that fell.
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