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The Ego
I have a few other posts itching to come out, but this one had to come out today. The others are slightly depressing so I figured a happy post before a spate of serious ones was in order.

I may have gotten all of 5 minutes with you today, but it still felt good. It may be 5 months since you made your move, but it doesn't feel as short as it sounds.

5 minutes, 5 months... numbers that all add up to eventual infinity.

Happy 5.
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The Ego
... one should not try to carry two suitcases, three handbags and a backpack. One will fall.

... one must try not to pack all of one's pajamas in the suitcase that goes into storage. One will be bereft of night wear for a few days.

... one must not stare at Amish people on the train.

... one should always talk to the taxi driver; he smiles and ends up handling your luggage with a smile and wishes you a good journey.

... one should remember to pack one's house slippers and not leave them lying about. One will end up stuffing them in the bag on top of one's clothes.

... one should always run into an angel who calls a cab company from his phone because the cab company one is calling has been engaged for 30-40 minutes.

... one should have a super friend in the second city who picks you up at the train station.

... one should have a Po to call when one is crying in the train because of circumstances that occurred before that.

... one must not lose a green sock.

... one must be calm. Not like Big Fat Ego, who has an inclination towards losing it.
The Ego
Just had a massive breakdown and ended up calling my Mom, blubbering on the phone asking her to come to me. Forget that fact she's in Dubai and I'm sitting in the UK.

Why was I crying as though I was intent on getting all my tears out? (The last time I cried like this was in ... March?)

Anyway ... the reason behind the tear-deluge was the fact that I didn't think I could pack all my things into the limited luggage I had with me and move to the Big Smoke. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of being alone and not having anyone to help me, the way many people I knew had been helped.

I'm one of the last people on the course who is still here, for a great many reasons, so I'm quite alone...

I think I might have to buy another suitcase tomorrow. Problem I'm supposed to lug everything on my own?

Here's to not having another tear-jerker session.
The Ego
... before I finally move out of where I live at the moment.

I'm almost done with living where I do right now. It's exciting, yet scary...the thought of moving out that is.

Another work experience placement in the Big Smoke (that's London to you lot) and then back to my university city for a few days to hand in my dissertation. Then ... Dubai, I'll be coming back to you for a short while.

I've lived here for almost 11 months. It's become home for me. Who would've thunk this 12x12m room would become home? And who would've believed that I'd accumulate so much stuff in a span of under one year?

I've explored this city, although not as much as I should've. I've gone to brilliant places in the area and around. I've met amazing people through my course, in my flat, and at random events. I've learned a lot from superb tutors. I've laughed. I've cried. I've fallen down (literally; I fell down a slope in one of the mountain areas when I was on a hike). I've gotten up. This city has seen me through 11 months...through rain, snow, rain, rain, a sliver of sunshine and more rain.

I'll tell you this: I'm not looking forward to packing.
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