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The Ego
Inspired by another blogger (whom I cannot, and therefore will not, name here) who posted something along similar lines, I'm making a list of my own... These are a few of my favourite things about Po (there are 27 items on the list)... and in random order...

1. His ability to be sarcastic.
2. He loves sci-fi and law shows. And hey, he loves FRIENDS more than I do. A rare man to find.
3. The tone of his voice. Dulcet tones I call them!
4. As a corollary...the first time he woke me up in the morning, he thought I wouldn't like it because I never asked him to...but I did appreciate it! Who wouldn't want to hear that voice every morning? And now that's how I'm woken up. By him.
5. His amazing knowledge of cool technology - most of which he's introduced to me and I'm feeling like a kid in a candystore because of it!
6. His eyes. 'Nuff said.
7. The way he tells me he loves me.
8. The fact that he gets what I'm doing with my life - him being an ex-journalist of sorts helps!
9. His friendly nature - everyone can get along with him!
10. The ease with which he makes me smile. He truly is my sunshine.
11. The way he ALWAYS knows what I'm thinking.
12. The fact that I've been able to share everything about my life with him and he's accepted me, just the way I am.
13. He writes well. And often catches mistakes I've made in my writing! 'tis indeed a rare man who can do that.
15. I like how he tweets. Maybe.
16. He's a geek of sorts. I like.
17. He's always open and honest.
18. The man's got brains. I like that.
19. How he's so relaxed around me...his guard is down when we're alone and he does things or says things he wouldn't do in front of other people. Like sing.
20. He's patient. And very understanding.
21. The confidence with which he carries himself.
22. The way he looks at me when we're in public. It's this knowing look... sends shivers up my spine.
23. He never shuts me out. Ever. Even when he's upset. Or angry. Or annoyed. He always lets me in. And for that, I am so thankful.
24. His endless curiosity (currently he's badgering me, asking me what I'm doing. He is not stopping with the questions!!!)
25. His committment and drive in everything he does.
26. The way my hand fits in his...his are bigger and broader and it just looks right.
27. The way we fit together. In every way.

Okay. Enough. For today anyway!
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The Ego
I found this comic here.
The Ego
Isn't the feeling of a new relationship in its budding stages just perfect? It's the little things that seem so big...

...when you talk all the time
...when you spend time together till 3am and then realize...shit, there is a class to attend at 9am!!!
...when you're finishing your assignments on one side of the table and he's completing his work on the other
...when you can get along with him even though he doesn't drink coffee
...when you pick out an extensive playlist to listen to for the evenings you spend together and learn that he listens to the same kind of music and so both end up humming together
...when he's the first person you speak to in the morning and his is the voice you hear as you fall off to sleep at night
...when you've told him everything there is to know about you and he's done the same ...... and what could have been 'skeletons in the closet' are not obstacles at all
...when you both love the colour red
...when you're so in tune with each other that before one can say something, the other person has already said the exact same thing
...when you have no qualms braying away at the top of your voice in front of him and neither does he
...when he helps you pick out your wardrobe for the day, it actually turns out to be exactly what you wanted to wear
...when you're just happy.

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The Ego
... I received my first semester grades. 3 Merits and 1 Distinction. Yayness.
... I received an email to confirm a second work placement in the summer.
... I met my best friend from Dubai who was tourist-ing it up in the UK; she visited me and we had a blast :D
... I dropped my camera and a quarter of the automatic shutter broke clean and is missing.
... I set up my digital photo frame in my room which flashes amazing memories of my life.
... I mended further bridges with a friend.
... I had my first 11-hour-long conversation.
... I discovered techie stuff I hadn't explored before: Google Calendar, Google Reader, Dropbox, Yammer and Posterous.
... I have just been content.
The Ego
I landed in the UK two days back and since my kitchen was woefully empty, I decided to order in simply because I couldn't be bothered to hunt for groceries and then cook. The only place that I knew delivers quickly and gives me good food was a pizza joint nearby. Ordered the food, waited for the delivery guy. So far, so good.

I got the call saying he's downstairs, so off I went. The bill came up to £14 (I ordered a meal deal that gave me three 10" pizzas and one 10" garlic bread thingy; needless to say it lasted me for two whole days. Am coincidentally off to the grocery store now :P), so I gave him £15 and waited for the £1 change. He gave me £6. I stared at it and thought hard: "I gave him £15 right? And not £20?" Yes, I was 100% sure I'd given him £15.

Me: Ummm, you gave me £6 in change; you're supposed to give me just £1.
Him: Eh?
Me: I gave you £15 not £20.
Him: Oh okay, thanks *takes money back*
Me: *prepares to go*
Him: You're Muslim, right?
Me: Eh?
Him: You. Are. Muslim. Aren't ya?
Me: Umm, no? *puzzled*
Him: Then why did you give back the money? How can you be honest and not be Muslim?
Me: *flabbergasted* *contemplates telling him that not only am I not Muslim, I'm also currently an agnostic* Ummm...
Him: But your t-shirt, it says Dubai on it.
Me: Ummm yes, I live there when I'm not here. But I'm not Muslim.
Him: *ponders over this* Okay...well...order again soon! Bye!

What just happened?!?!
The Ego
One knows that one is growing older when one's friends are getting marriage proposals. However, note that since I was 18, girls I know have been getting hitched, so this has been a long few years.

Anyway, two days back, a friend of mine had a guy and his family come over to her place to 'see her' and she sent me a link to his profile on a matrimonial website. I was checking it out when my Mom walked in. To assure her I was not checking out random men online, I told her who it was blah blah blah.

Then we had a conversation that left me red in the face:

Mom: The Ego, there must be Gujarati matrimonial sites as well, right?
Me: Ummm yes?
Mom: Hahaha do you want to see them?
Mom: No no, let's see some Gujju boy for you *huge grin on her face*
Mom: The Ego, do you think you'll ever marry a Gujju boy???
Me: I don't know.
Mom: *laughter* Hahahaha I can imagine it already *snort*

Mom...don't even joke about these things...please!!!
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