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The Ego
Hello there!

Finally back from the UK. Two weeks over there were filled with activity and excitement. Fights and fun. Disagreements and dinner. I could alliterate all day long!!! Hehe ...

We landed there on the 13th of March, 1pm UK time. Qatar Airways, btw, is pretty decent, and in my opinion, the food they serve in their economy class is way better than the food they serve in the Emirates economy class. We were staying at a friend's house, and his roommates were terribly sweet and obliging, considering we were occupying space in their house. Travelling on the Tube with heavy luggage is NOT fun, I do assure you. By the end of the day, my legs were aching and I wasn't even carrying anything heavy!!! My friends were the ones carrying the bags, while I carried my cabin luggage. This day was pretty chilled out, limited to collapsing in his house. It's absolutely essential houses there have a heater methinks, coz during evenings and nights, IT'S COLD!!! I was really excited about living in my friend's house; the room I was sleeping in had red walls! Yay for me!

The 14th was also a pretty laidback day. We were jetlagged I suppose, and just went grocery shopping and my gal friend cooked tuna pasta that night (no, I did not help for fear of ruining everything). We did go out in the afternoon to get groceries, and used the DLR to get to a huge ASDA. We did stop at this area called the Royal Victoria Docks which was simply wonderful. A huge expanse of lake, with an amazing bridge as seen in the picture... it just looked beautiful. Walked around this whole area, then went to get the groceries. As a result, by the time we reached home, we just cooked and combined lunch and dinner!
The 15th and 16th I was outside London with Stained. We'd gone to Sheffield on the 15th, stayed overnight and then went to Leeds the next morning, and returned to London 16th evening. I'd gone because I wanted to check out the colleges I'd been accepted to. This is a picture of the Petersborough Cathedral, taken at a stopover on our way to Sheffield.
At Sheffield, I stayed with a family friend, whom I was meeting after a decade possibly, who was actually doing a similar course to the one I applied to at the university there, which was easier for me in terms of getting relevant information about what I'd be doing if I went there. This is a photo of one of the spheres found in the Millennium Square, near the Peace Gardens and the Winter Gardens in Sheffield...
The next day, ie, the 16th, we were in Leeds, and due to certain circumstances, I couldn't actually visit the university, but I did get a feel of the town, which was something. Also, we saw those life-size chess boards and pieces in a central part of the city, and ended up watching a 8-9 year old boy beat a 28-29 year old man in a game of chess. It was pretty cool, all in all. Reached London in the evening...
Will write about the remaining days in future posts!!! :)
The Ego
I'm leaving tomorrow early morning for the UK! My graduation ceremony is next week, and am going with a group of friends ... let's hope it'll be oodles of fun! While attending the graduation in London is the reason for this trip, I'm also going to be travelling to the countryside to visit some universities I've been accepted to (even got a scholarship from one of them!!!), and it's a great way to sightsee and take amazing photographs!!! Just the fact that this is an independent trip for me, vis a vis financially and without my family, makes it a different vacation from any I've had so far, and I'm hoping it will be a mind-boggling and pleasurable experience!

I'll be back soon with stories and photographs to share!

Goodbye for two weeks!!! :D
The Ego
This true story made someone almost break into tears because it was incomprehensible how anyone could behave this way. Possibly only soft-hearted people might feel enraged or upset with this story? I don't know. I heard it myself for the first time and I was shocked into speechlessness.

There was a man who was having financial problems. He needed a sum of money, in 5 figures, urgently and did not have the amount with him. One of his children's spouses' offered to give this man the money. He accepted. The next month, this man had the funds to pay back his child's spouse. And he did. Plus interest. And can you imagine the shamelessness of his childs' spouse ... the spouse took the extra money paid in lieu of interest had that money been in the bank instead of out of the account on a loan. What kind of person does that? If you lend money to a family member, whether an in-law or blood relations... do you take INTEREST? Disgusting.

Apart from this ... I had a very weird experience today ... a little while back actually. It wasn't so much weird as perhaps surreal and unexpected. I'm not sure what to feel or how to react. One of those moments. Ah well ...
The Ego

I just had to show the cake off!!! An AMAZING cake ... thank you Jo for organizing it!
Edit: Photo credit to Stained.
The Ego
Ooookay... so I was completely and utterly wrong!!! Forget solitary confinement ... OMG... Let me tell you what happened!!!

So my morning was very blah, in the sense that I spent it alone. In the afternoon, t'was me, Mum and my bro at home, and Jo said she would be home around 4:30pm. She did arrive around then, and then took me up to my room so I could open the stuff she bought me ... It was a HUGE ...(like over a metre long) poster of Twilight that she'd made herself and got printed for me, and a t-shirt with the words "Twilight addict" in front and photos from the movie on the back!

After that, we went down coz we were going to go to Starbucks together. Before we went, she said, close your eyes, I have another surprise for you. So I said okay (like duh) and she led me out, with my eyes tightly closed, into the garden. And when I opened them ... 7 of my friends were standing in front of me!!!!!!!!! Choo, Woof, Kazz, Jo herself, Fud, Stained and Ash ... bearing a cool cake saying "Happy Birthday D" and gifts!!!

Amongst the loot (apart from what Jo already gave me in private) included: 2 bday cards, 2 Bobbi Brown lipglosses, an amazing blue and white Kipling handbag (which I've been wanting for ages) and a gift voucher that gives me a haircut from Frank Provost salon (I already have my appointment for this week) !!!

Then after the cake cutting and gift opening, we ate some pizza (again, which they'd bought) and cake... and just hung out together ...

YAY!!! I had an amazing birthday you guys ... thanks! I feel so stupid about how I was being so blah before... :(

The Ego

Wow ... I'm 22 years old. Bit odd that. When my Mum was the same age, she was already engaged, and was married 11 months after her 22nd birthday. Here I am, quite far from where she was in her life at the same age.

Anyway...I quite sadly have no plans for today. Mum and I can't do much either by way of going out coz it's one of her have-to-be-vegetarian nothing happening there. I'm not even sure if any of my friends will be able to meet me. That's kinda sad. Ah well. Though I think Jo will be able to meet me either before or after her classes :)

But I'm looking forward to an amazing birthday present - one that I'm giving myself. What is it? A 2 week trip to UK. I'm leaving in 11 days...and I'm paying for it myself. A 14 day trip with my friends; can it get any better than that? :D The primary reason is our graduation, combined with a cool vacation!

Will probably post as the day is over... hope it goes well and not in solitary confinement!!!

And speaking of other anniversaries, this is Big Fat Ego's 200th post!!! Yayyy!!!

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