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I don't know what I expected, but I know I didn't expect to have as much fun as I did on July 29th at The Shelter (btw, who named it that? Why???). To put it mildly, my voice was hoarse after over two and a half hours of talking. In the beginning, I was like, what am I DOING here, but then it was, thank heavens I came!

Kudos to the organizers for putting the event together. Thanks to the people who showed up. There was a mixing of ideas, talking with like-minded people who genuinely wanted to listen to what the other had to say. Everyone was enthusiastic. And everyone was tweeting. No, really. Within 15-20 minutes after the event got under way, my photo was up on Twitpic. Mildly disconcerting. Not my pic being taken, but the speed with which it went up!
I don't know till what time it went on till, but it was nice to meet so many bloggers and twitterers.

We're not geeks though.

Unless you count talking abt gorillapods and macbooks and comparing BBs and iPhones and Nokia N series phones as geeky.

That's just normal, right???
The Ego
She's small. And round. There's a thatch of thick, curly and dark brown hair on her head, that challenges anyone to tame it. Her eyes are big, like saucers, but in a pretty way and all you see in them is deep warm chocolate swirls. Her lashes are thick and naturally curly. Her nose is out of place, but in an endearing way: it's got a slight hook to it. Her lips, plump and pink, glisten with her drool. She's a few months old, mind you...drooling is acceptable. Her skin, so smooth, and so fair, shines in the sun. She doesn't tan, just turns red and then fades soon. Near to being a year old, she's intelligent, with an eye for detail, with awareness levels you wouldn't expect. One could expect such attention from a creative person... She seems to like animals too. Books and photographs grab her attention and she's a sucker for the camera...loves to pose. She's prone to sudden mood swings, quite like she's already a brooding adult. She likes to sit in the car, cruising along the streets, and has already developed taste buds attuned to chicken. She can talk a bit, and once she starts, won't shut up. She's beautiful. Almost perfect in her imperfections.

Note: I am not describing any baby I know...this piece of writing is a figment of my imagination, so if I get any "Who's baby is this?" comments, I will reject them!!!
The Ego
Disappointment is rife in the air. As is anger.

As far as being disappointed goes, it's as if you keep holding on to something, hoping that the "something" will not disappoint you, will not let you down the next time...with each time being the same as the last, making you wonder why the hell you bother. But you bother anyway. Sucks.

Anger. At the man who dragged a 22 year old out on the streets of Patna on Thursday and publicly stripped her. Yes. Caught her by the neck of her salwar and ripped it all off. Did anyone help? No. They took photos, videos and the man was joined by an immense mob of men all clamouring to shame her, and most of them laughing. You can read about it here and here (there have been differing reports on how and why the attack took place).
The Ego
I've done a little over a week so far and it's just been brilliant! The atmosphere is great to work in, the editors throw me work all the time, which I love! There's no mollycoddling; they tell you when something is good, and even if something is not up to the mark, they explain how it could've been better in a nice way. The people there are awesome. I feel exhausted every single day but I'm lovin' it. The most thrown about word at work is "cool" and I think I might be getting sucked into its spell. Also it's interesting because I get to deal with and acclimatize to UK accents before I even go there in a few months! Did I tell you the people there are really nice and extremely helpful? Some really funny stuff happens at work, but they're not up for sharing on this blog. Basically I'm having a blast. This is what I've always wanted to do.

Oh and one of the amazing parts? Free coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Ego
The people who drive in Dubai will never cease to amaze me. They're just so bad! Yes, I've ranted about drivers before, but what can I say? They deserve it.

So on Monday, ie the 2nd day of my internship, I left the office and was driving towards Karama to meet family. I was waiting at a right turn for the main road to clear, when the stupid Honda Civic behind me decided that the bright blue car in front of him was not there anymore and accelerated and HIT ME.

I was so enraged, I got out of the car and surveyed the damage. Luckily, there was no indentation but a mother of all scratches. It looked how glass looks when it cracks...the paint below the black bumper ie. So there's a crack-looking scratch (with millions of little cracks coming from a centre point) in the middle of my blue.

Even though there was no dent, I wanted to clear this with my parents before letting him go. We stopped at a nearby petrol pump rather than jam traffic. When we did stop there, I lost it and started asking (in a rather loud voice I must admit) how he could've NOT seen me! Then his wife got out of the car (and she screamed; it wasn't just talking loudly) and started SCREAMING at me saying that it's just a bloody scratch and what the hell am I doing stopping her husband for and then ... the most enigmatic line: "EVEN I HAVE A LICENSE". Well hun, good for you. I only hope you can drive better than your husband. The man then physically pushed her back into the car presumably because she was causing a scene.

Then while I was calling my parents, my phone battery died. Then a really nice guy who was nearby (many ppl had come by now hearing her scream like a fish-wife) gave me his Blackberry to make the call. I sheepishly admitted that I had no bloody clue how to dial (there were NO numbers on the keypad!!!) and he dialled for me. Anyway, I cleared it with my parents and just took down the Civic's numberplate and the number of the driver just in case.

When all this was going on, the guy told me, "It's just a scratch. Look at my car, it's full of scratches...all small cars have scratches." I lost my already ebbing temper and retorted, "Just because you see fit to keep your car that way, full of scratches, doesn't mean I do. I take care of my car; if you don't take care of your car, that's not my problem."
When that didn't work, he tried another tactic. "Are you sure that scratch is from my car? I don't think I caused it". I wanted to slap him by this point: "Don't you dare pull a fast one on me. I washed my car just yesterday with my own hands and there was no scratch there."

By then I think I had argued so much, he lost it and gave me his number etc...but refused to show me his license. Maybe he didn't have it. Ass.

I thanked the Blackberry man who also gave me his contact details in case I needed anything, and then I left from there.

And now there's a scratch on my car. My poor baby Bluebell.
The Ego
Artist: James Morrison
Album: Songs For You, Truths For Me
Song: Nothing Ever Hurt Like You

Loving you was easy
Playin’ by the rules
But you said love tastes so much better
When it’s cruel

To you everything was just a game
And oh yeah you played me good
But I want you, I want you, I want you
So much more than I should
Yes I do

I’ve got my hands up so take your aim
Yeah I’m ready
There’s nothing that we can’t go through
Oh it hit me like a steel freight train
When you left me
And nothing ever hurt like you
Nothing ever hurt like you

I was naive and wide-eyed
But you made me see
That you don’t get to taste the honey
Without the sting of a bee
No you don’t

Yes you stung me good
Oh yeah you dug in deep
But I’ll take it, I’ll take it, I’ll take it
Til I’m down on my knees

I’ve got my hands up so take your aim
Yeah I’m ready
There ain’t nothing that I won’t do
Walk a thousand miles on broken glass
It won’t stop me
From making my way back to you
It’s not real until you feel the pain
And nothing ever hurt like you
Nothing ever hurt like you

Oh everything was just a game
Yes you played me good
But I want you, I want you, I want you, I want you, I want you

I’ve got my hands up so take your aim
Yes I’m ready
There ain’t nothing that we can’t go through
Oh it hit me like a hurricane when you left me
But I’d do it all again for you
I’d walk a thousand miles on broken glass
It won’t stop me from making my way back to you
It’s not real until you feel the pain
Nothing ever hurt like you
Nothing ever hurt like you..........

The Ego
*Possible spoilers ahead*

Without further ado ... I present ... my thoughts!!!

First off... let me warn you, if you're expecting crazy action in this movie, you won't get it. What you will get is superb acting (even the usual eyebrow-raising-eye-scrunc
hing Emma Watson was better this time!!!), poignant scenes and a pretty well written screenplay.

Although... there are a few spots in the movie that non-HP book readers will not understand, and I did feel a bit confused about the addition of one particular scene which was not at all even hinted at in the book. I did feel cheated out of one or two scenes though... One scene I felt could've just not been there, while another was filmed more differently than I felt it should have.

Oh but Rupert and Daniel... their comedic timing was just SUPERB. They've really come into their own and I guarantee you will be laughing a lot during this movie. 'cept towards the end of course :S Rupert of course, being the funnier of the two, but Daniel did a good job with his Felix scenes.

Tom Felton has a bigger and wonderful role to play and he's done it beautifully. You DO feel bad for him. Oh Michael! And I was initially skeptical about Jim Broadbent for Slughorn but he proved my doubts to be unreasonable.

The climax is slightly different from what HP readers might expect, but passing over any disappointment at what could have been a more crash-and-bang version (as the book intended), the scene is not without its moments, largely due to Tom Felton's BRILLIANCE in this movie, Michael Gambon's soft-spoken plea, and Alan Rickman's acting.

Ummm what else... well ... to sum it up (I feel like I'm writing an answer to an exam question lol), it's an understated calm-before-the-storm (storm being Deathly Hallows of course!) movie that does well, but may let some HP fans feel like a few scenes here and there could've been different (well I wished for about 2 scenes to be done in another way).

But all in all ... it was a good movie. I'm SO glad I managed to win tickets for the premiere!

My current Harry Potter movie rankings stand like so:
1. HP and the Goblet of Fire
2. HP and the Order of the Phoenix AND HP and the Half Blood Prince (yes a tie)
3. HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban
4. HP and the Philosopher's Stone
5. HP and the Chamber of Secrets (such a BAD movie, I tell ya)
The Ego

I don't have the amazing photography skills that Stained does, so forgive the quality of the pics in comparison to his photo of the tickets he won :)

I also won two tickets to tomorrow's premiere show. And an extra hamper of the first three movies in the series. Which I already have. And Stained covets it. I think I'll give it to him :P

Note: No time to blog about it today, but next post (no the next-to-next post; next post is about how I liked the movie) is about the idiot who hit my car today.
The Ego
So they took the kittens today.

I miss them already :S

I already named them coz after watching them for a while, I could tell them apart. The completely black one was Fred. The black one with faded stripes was George. The tiger-striped one that had the darkest head was Harry. The next tiger striped one with the lighter head was Ron. The orange one with stripes was Hermione.

I couldn't take pics of when they were leaving coz I was cradling Fred in my arms when we were trying to catch them to take them to their home. Then we found a big cardboard open box and put them in and carried them to the other villa and let them loose there. And Mrs Weasley (erm, that's what I call the Mom Cat because these ppl who were house-sitting for the owners DIDN'T know the cat's name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) was really cool when I went out, rubbed herself against me and purred as I scratched her wherever she seemed scratch-able. But she did HISSS like mad when we initially tried to get at the kittens. Then she was fine when she saw we were cradling the kittens and generally being nice to them.

FREDDDDD... *sniffs*... he/she (in which case Fred can become Frederica or something) kinda dug her nails into my pajama top and rubbed her head against my chest and purred... pretty little black Fred... they were so SMALL! Hermione was the biggest though, and the most feisty. She was yowling and scratching for all she was worth! She was the prettiest of the lot though. In my opinion.

Anyway ... our neighbours have given us cat and kitten food boxes in case they come back so we can feed them. I WANT THEM TO COME BACK!!!

Mom (my Mom, not Mrs. Weasley) said that if I wasn't going in September, maybe she'd consider keeping one. EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL going on here!!!

I actually HATE the place where they're staying right now (their owner's house ie) coz they're doing this renovation their garden so all the grass is gone and there's just sand everywhere. They have an outhouse with AC where the cat used to stay sometimes; that's where they've put the kittens but it's SO inhospitable in my opinion...I'd NEVER keep an animal there!!! So when I saw the place, I said, erm...they can come back...if they don't like it here. JUST BRING THEM BACK!!!

(Yes, I have Harry Potter hangover. If I was in some other book-mode, like Twilight, I might've called them Bella, Jacob, Edward, Rosalie and Alice, or maybe Pippin, Merry, Sam, Frodo and Legolas. Or something like that :S)
The Ego

Everyday for a while now, an adult cat wanders into our garden and leaves after quite some time, and we see her everyday from our sitting room. It was only today that curiousity struck me (I can hear all the 'curiousity killed the cat' puns popping in your heads now; quit it!) and I went to the other room overlooking another part of the garden where she had headed.

So there were 2 kittens there. Then, came another, another and YET another. There she was, surrounded by 5 kittens. Presumably hers, she had obviously given birth to them in our garden (what's wrong with her owner's garden, I'd like to know) and since they're too small to scale the walls, she's left them there.

They're currently living in our pump room (i.e. where our water pump is housed; it's about 4 feet high), due to which, my mother has now suspended all activities (like starting up our washing machine, as that requires the pump) that might harm the kittens who are living too close to what is a potentially dangerous place for them. We have no chicken at home (as Stained suggested they might eat that) but I did go out to put some water out there after the Mommy Cat left (she was giving me dirty looks as I watched from my window, so I decided to go out after her departure); however, the kittens were really scared and hid as soon as I appeared.

We did go over to our neighbour's house to inform them that, hey your cat has 5 kids and they live with us, please take them NOW! The actual owners of the house are out of town and their nieces and nephews are house-sitting. The two kids who were in when my Mom went over were small (and by small I mean about 10-12 years old) and they said they'd send their older brother when he returns home to collect the kittens.

No one has come till now.

My father later went over but this time they didn't answer the door (and yes, they were inside the house).

We're going to try their house again tomorrow.

We have stowaways in our garden.
The Ego
Neel tagged me ... so ... here goes!

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
2. A near 100% guaranteed internship at a publishing house that starts in a few days
3. Going to the UK in September for my Masters (this is more like a half-n-half; looking forward to it plus dreading leaving the people I love here)
4. My new laptop ... which shall hopefully be the one I currently crave: The Sony Vaio CS-36, RED!
5. My long-postponed weekend sleepover thing with Jo
6. My bro talking one day ... yeah, I still believe it's going to happen someday.
7. Seeing the special people in my life reach their potential ... you're going to make it ... I know it.
8. Eating Babybel again (it's a brand of cheese I found in the UK ... it's quite yummy!)

8 Things I wish I could do...
1. Turn back time ... where are the Time-Turners when you need them? (HP overload!)
2. Make my Mom's worries go away
3. Sing well
4. Discover a cure for autism and breast cancer
5. Write a novel
6. Make you stay (yes, YOU)
7. Lose weight without all the effort!
8. Not be stressed out

8 Things I love.... (this says things, not people, so I won't mention any ppl)
1. My phone ... SE W800i ... sturdy little thing...
2. My pink i-Pod ... wah wah wah
3. My Twilight poster (thank you Jo)
4. Bluebell... my car... my love...
5. The Internet!
6. Minesweeper
7. My camera!!! Canon A720 IS babyyyy!
8. My Kipling bag... !

8 Bloggers I tag
Argh, do I have to? I tag no one ... anyone who wants to do it, can do it. Otherwise, leave a comment and you can go :P
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