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The Ego
I'm not sure why I'm even making this post. Just lots of stuff whirling around in my head and I don't think I can even make sense of it all. I think it's like when you enter a garden and smell a profusion of scents and you try and sort through all the different scents attacking you at once and try to the same way, I have all these different emotions swirling around me in a vortex of sorts, and I'm trying to identify them correctly.

There's dulled anger, like it has a blunt edge, which I think is directed towards life in general? Some of this possibly towards men who behave like jerks.

There's disappointment somewhere in there, felt because of how things, specifically my job, has turned out to be. I'm not very happy there.

Under all these negative feelings, there's excitement? Or is it happiness? 3 weeks is a bit of a long time to not really be with someone special. It's hard to feel happy though, with everything else bogging you down.

Also jealousy decides to return I think. Very irrationally this time. But there it is. Little green devil.

It's a wonder my head hasn't burst yet.
The Ego
It started out as a method of protesting the announcement of the SRS that they would forcibly marry off people found in "couple-like" behaviour on Valentine's Day, and the prior attacks on women in Mangalore, but it's gaining media coverage EVERYWHERE!!! Even Amul has supported the campaign with its ads... you can see the ads on the official blog.

Check out the official blog for the movement and their page on Facebook: A Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women :D
The Ego

More Pon and Zi ... just in this mood lately...
I know I haven't blogged lately, but I shall soon ...
The Ego
I was over at my grandparents' house today, alternating between reading the fourth instalment of the Twilight series Breaking Dawn, and using my laptop. Then whatever was going on the TV caught my attention. My grandmum and Mum were watching "Aap Ki Kachheri" (means 'Your court of justice') with Kiran Bedi.

This time, there was a 20 year old girl who was petitioning against her husband OF 5 YEARS. Five years? She was 15 it seems when she got married. Her sister, who was also on the show, said that they pretty much forced her into it as 'there are 6 sisters and we didn't have enough money'. And she has two children now btw.

What they were arguing about...I don't want to get into. It just hit me...and it never fails to sadden me each time: there are women all over the world forced to be with a man at such young ages and they end up becoming mothers soon after with so much responsibility on their heads. And believe me, if she hadn't said how old she was, I would've plugged her as much older.

I'm 21. I shudder to think that there are women younger than me who are mothers already. It freaks me out no end...I feel pity, revulsion and anger. Pity for those women who have to forcibly undergo things (And let me make it very clear: those women who CHOOSE to get into marriage and motherhood at a young age...then I don't get angry as such...yes, I don't personally understand it and get terribly puzzled by it as it's not something I would ever choose for myself and I wish with all my heart they would think more abt it, but it's their choice at the will. I get pissed off when these experiences are FORCED onto them), revulsion at having to go through the trauma of being, physically being, with strange men they had no wish of being with, and anger at the people and circumstances that put them there.

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