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The Ego
So I'm passing an Amul billboard ad over here in Bombay and those who've seen Amul ads before know that they're funny, or pass some sort of message. This one, however... I just had to take a photo of! And it wasn't easy... I had taxis and loads of cars honking at me coz the car I was in had to slow down on a busy traffic day and block all the cars behind... which might explain why it isn't perfectly crytal clear...

The Ego

Well... I bet you've geard of D.O.A. or Dead On Arrival... what's WOA? WET on Arrival... seriously, it's not stopped raining since I got here.

The first pic is from my airplane seat... note there's a "roll royce" sign on the engine thingy...
The flight was alright... my father slept through... I just watched "Horton Hears A Who".

Next, the view from my house here...

Next, a man with a colourful umbrella on the road...

Last, badam trees just next to my house!!!
The Ego
Okay ... this is very sudden... but...

I'm going to Bombay for two weeks!

My dad was already going but it wasn't until a few hours ago that I decided to go as well. Am leaving on Sunday (yes, that's day after tomorrow) and there will be a hiatus on this blog till 8th of August. Of course, if I can, I shall be blogging in the middle, when possible.

See y'all when I get back :)
The Ego
I'm back ... from the IMAX premiere of 'The Dark Knight' ... Thanks to Stained ... well actually his sister... for taking me along... and whatever... errr.. obstacles we faced (hehehe)... I still had fun!!!

I liked the movie a lot ... Not many English movies are 2 and a 1/2 hours long, and when they are, you expect them to hold the audience's interest (For example... remember how long the LOTR movies were? But did you get bored? No, you did not... and if anyone here says they got bored... BLASPHEMY!!!). This movie held my interest the entire time.
And something that amazed me throughout... if the identity of the actor playing The Joker had been kept secret from me, I don't think I could've guessed it even AFTER seeing the movie; Heath Ledger was brilliant. No cartoon-ish cariacture like Jack Nicholson (who played the Joker earlier), but a menace... Only when the movie began and the movie ended did I think about the actor. Throughout the movie, it was The Joker I was watching, not the actor Heath Ledger. And therein lies his brilliance for making me forget the actor behind the paint. And therein (lots of thereins :P:P:P) lies the tragedy... possibly one of his best performances ever...

And something else... this might be odd, but one of the scenes/situations in the movie (not revealing anything here) reminded me of the Prisoner's Dilemma... with actual payoffs in my mind. And lo and behold... Pareto Equilibrium was eventually found (well, kind of)!!! Hehehehe... And also, the same scene also made me realize people are not what they seem; the most hated or feared people can be the most sensible, while the so-called normal people are the ones who can be barbarians inside. Ah well ... aren't we all?

And that's it for tonight...

Au revoir mes amis... bonne nuit ...
The Ego
I went to Ski Dubai on Saturday with Stained and Jo!!!

That's ALL I wanted to say!!!


Oh, and I had a lot of fun that day!!!
After all the romping around in the snow... we had lunch at Chilis... and what stopover at Chilis is complete unless there is...


The Ego
I want to toot my horn, blow my trumpet and the like. Why? I feel like it! Hey, you're at 'Big Fat Ego', not 'Small Humble Do-Gooder'!!!

Anyway, if you look at my profile, you'll figure out I was born in '87. I was cleaning my room (and since I do it at intervals spanning years...hehe... I find things I never knew I had, or had completely forgotten about) and found the communication book from my playpen and the dates are in '89 so I was only 2 years old then. Okay, am going to start tooting a few lines from here on. The teacher has written comments whenever there were tests in class... tests ranging from tests on days of the week, on numbers, on months of the year, animals, body parts, seasons etcetera etcetera...

The comments... (feel free to applaud; remember I was 2!!!):
"10/10! Excellent! Keep it up! D's performance is exceedingly good considering she has joined late. She is well behaved and co-operative. She is the emblem of a happy child"

"10/10! Very good! D knows her numbers very well! Only she must learn to speak loudly and clearly." (I was telling my friend Fud this and she started laughing, saying that I obviously took her advice to heart since now I speak quite loudly!!! Hehehehe...)

"10/10! D is extremely well up in her work and I consider her as one of the best pupils in class. Her grasping is excellent. Please encourage her to keep up her good level of performance."

And THEN ... they got so tired of praising me ALL THE TIME...
"10/10! Excellent! As usual, D recognized all the animals correctly and spoke with absolute confidence. Please keep up the good work!"

I can't write more... it's too tiring :P:P:P

*toot* *toot*

The Ego
Was going through my posts and saw that I'd written this out on 4th March 2008, and left it as a draft. Thought I'd finally let it see itself get published. No idea why I left it as a draft though, and not posted it on the blog. Weird...I didn't even remember I'd written this on the blog!!!

But ... you know it's for you... don't you? :)

I miss you so much it hurts.

I've been told to be practical...but I want to listen to my heart...which is so obviously not practical at all!!!!!!!!!
I miss you so much I want to scrunch you and steal you away and just be.

I'll end this reminiscing post with an image I found somewhere online:

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