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The Ego
It was Stained's birthday last week, and today we went out with his friends for bowling and dinner (with sampling of saffron tea in a Mamzar cafeteria and the Souq-Al-Bahar behind Burj Dubai between those two events). After much deliberation and confusion, we finally decided on going to Nandos. When we reached there, I went to use the 'roost room' (what the washrooms there are called)... the doors are labeled 'chick' and 'rooster', which I always thought was pretty cool and keeping in line with the restaurant theme. Anyways, I went in and on one wall, there was a framed poster headed: "Size does matter!" and under that the lengths of different chillies found in different parts of the world. Heading back to my table, I asked the guys if the same was in the 'rooster' room. Stained reported back; the same poster in the rooster room said: "Size doesn't matter!"

I wonder if I was mistaken or he was... we never went back inside to check!!! Although if we were both right...well then, Nandos is pretty creative with their rest rooms...oh sorry, roost rooms, don't you think?
The Ego
Hahaha... I was just thinking about how I had my operation around this time 2 years back and then it struck me ... I'd made a blog post about it last year commemorating one year of my appendicitis operation!!!

Here and here are the two blog posts I've made about it till date... hehe...

One thing always strikes me though... I found out much later, but it was good that I didn't know when entering the operation theatre, that the doctors told my parents that it was a good thing I came in when I did coz if I was any later, it might've been fatal. Ah well. Kinda scary considering I put off going to the doctor for over 2 days before succumbing to the pain and agreeing to get myself checked up. Never again.
My advice to y'all from personal experience: if you ever think something is wrong, if there's too much pain...anything that makes it difficult for you to function normally, go get it checked. It might make the difference between life and death.
The Ego
My friends (and I mean the real ones, not the acquaintances who pass off for friends just coz they hang out in the same group and all that) would know that I am a chicken-aholic. It's not that I hate veg food...I just prefer chicken over it. Anyway, yesterday was the SALAAM Youth Awards event at KV (That's Knowledge Village to you tourists) and since I write for SALAAM, I got there early to help out. I got Stained to take the pictures for the event, so he was also with me there.

Now he is a cat person (pity...I'm a dog person) and has 2 cats at home. For those who frequent KV a lot, they'd know that there are stray cats over there. He found one and it looked quite hungry. I hadn't had any lunch yet so we headed over to the food court to get something for me, while he was figuring out what he could feed the cat.

I decided to take Subway, when ... he decided that the chicken from Subway was most suitable for said cat. Yes my dear readers, you can imagine what happened next. I ordered the Chicken Teriyaki 6 inch sub... and the cat got all my chicken!!! Hehe... we picked out all the chicken strips from my sub and gave it to the cat. I got all the veggies, the Southwest and Thousand Island sauce.

I guess watching the cat hungrily eating the chicken made up for not getting the chicken myself. Almost. :P

EDIT: Check comments for the link to the photo of the cat eating my chicken!!!
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