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The Ego
Free? In Dubai? For any services received? Yeah right!
Okay here’s what happened:

I wear prescription glasses… my left eye is perfect eyesight… my right eye has a 0.25. Yes, I know it’s real small and there’s no need to wear glasses but my number was a -1 before and after that I’ve gotten headaches when I don’t wear my glasses at least when I’m reading, or watching TV or using the PC. Anyway…one of the plastic thingies at the nose ridge fell off somewhere and I needed to get a new one in place. The only optical place near my house is Al Jaber Optical Centre. I went there, gave my glasses and they told me to come back in 10 minutes since the guy who would put in the plastic thingy was out for lunch or something. I came back after 10 minutes and took my glasses. I put the case in my handbag and waited. I looked at the optician patiently although somewhat pointedly until he asked me, “Er…yes?” and I said, “Umm… don’t I have to pay?”


I was in a state of shock. I said, “Are you serious?” with a look of amazement on my face. He said, “Yes!” I said thank you and walked out… the first thought that came into my head was… “There actually are some services that you get for free in Dubai!”

I’m so used to paying for EVERYTHING… gawd, that optician must’ve thought I was mad, standing there and gawking at him when he told me it was free. Hehe…
The Ego
I’ve been trying to blog for ages but I’m simply UNABLE to access Blogspot. This is therefore, blogging by proxy; am asking Stained to do it.

Well, the first thing that I wanted to blog about relates to the recent updates in traffic fine violations and black points. A few days back, I was on the Sheikh Zayed Road, happily ambling along at 100km/h. I was in the second last lane on the right, and there was a police 4WD in the next lane i.e. on my left. It was possibly going slower than I was; maybe 90-95km/h and it suddenly and smoothly changed lanes into my lane…without giving an indicator. If I’m not mistaken, not using indicators when changing direction or turning gets you fined Dhs 200/- and you get 3 black points. Ah … but I suppose one is exempt when you’re part of the police force.
Hmmm … where do I sign up? :P
The Ego
Mars tagged me ... here goes:

1. If your life were to be made into a book, what title would it have? And what section and style would it be in and how long would it be?
2. If it got adapted into a film, who would be cast as your character? You can also include casting of any major characters in your film.
3. Tag at least 3 people and post a comment on their blog letting them know that they're tagged. Do not tag people who have already received this before you.

1. It's probably be "Big Fat Ego" ... or "Rantings of an Emotionally Charged Chick" or something with either the word "ego" or "emotional" in it. It would probably be me writing in first person, kind of like how the 'Princess Diaries' series is written... ummm, how long? Gawd, I can write about myself forever... who knows how long that can be!!!

2. Arre wah... movie!!! I would be played by ... errr... can I play myself??? :D My ego would love to see me on the big screen!!!!!! No?
Er okay... Hollywood movie I'd like to be played by a slightly curvier Jessica Alba (coz my grandma says 'if only you were thinner, maybe you'd look like her' ... lol) or even Renee Zellweger coz she already did the whole Bridget Jones thing!!!
Hindi movie??? Hmmmm... (okay my Mum will kill me for saying this coz she hates the actress I'm going to name and I sometimes get bugged with her too...but...not like Ma will see this blog, so yeah) ... Kareena Kapoor. Coz she gives off that arrogant vibe that many people say I exude.
Other major casting? No clue really... totally have to sit and think VERY hard for that. Maybe I could spin-off another post from this tag...hmmm...good idea.

3. Tagging people!!! Stained ... coz I dunno who else will bother :)
The Ego
Hmmm... this line automatically reminds me of a night around 3 odd years ago when I was crossing the road while it was raining (t'was December 2004) and the traffic was terrible (I was opposite Bur Juman) coz the cars were speeding etc; I'd just left my friends car which skid and hit another car in front (minor scratches only thank goodness) and I was talking on my cellphone and I was screaming into it: "But HOW will I cross the road?!?!?!" or something...I was apparently hysterical... everyone made "why did the chicken cross the road?" jokes after that with me being the chicken.

But that's not the point of this post.

I was driving home today and as I approached a hump ('Hump' reminds me of Choo singing 'My humps, my humps, my humps, my humps' every time she went over a speed breaker - or a hump as we informally call them - just after she got her license and even once went as far as to innocently ask, "How are my humps?" Needless to say we all burst into laughter and she turned red)... OMG, where was I???
As I said, I was approaching a hump and I saw a white pigeon on the road, on the lane of opposing traffic, staring at the villa opposite it. This pigeon is smack in the middle of the lane and it did NOT fly away as a car approached it. The car actually waited for it to slowly walk...or rather... dawdle across the road till it reached the pavement. Around 3 cars were waiting while this unconcerned birdy 'crossed the road'...

So why did the bird cross the road? We may never know :D
The Ego
Got tagged by i*maginate...

1. Post these rules before presenting your list.
2. List 6 actions or achievements you think every person should accomplish before turning 18.
3. There are no conditions on what can be included on the list.
4. At the end of your blog, choose 6, or less, people to get tagged and list their names.
5. The tagged peeps write their own blog entry with their 6 suggestions.
6. Leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged.

In no particular order...

1. Learn a new language... d'accord?
2. Travel!!! (OMG I want to go back to Disneyland for my honeymoon or something... :D)
3. Learn how to play AT LEAST one sport ... could be a physical sport (like cricket or volleyball) or even a mental one like chess.
4. Do something a bit mad...maybe something that no one expected you to ever do...shock people! (Don't do drugs, smoke or get drunk though!!! You could possibly have a crazy cat-fight like I did :D:D:D)
5. Find your close circle of friends (you can count them on one hand) whom you know will always be there for you
6. Experience heartbreak (could be from losing a friend, losing someone you love...anything that just breaks your heart) ... might as well learn how to handle it sooner rather than later.

Stained took almost all the bloggers I know...damn him... soooo ... I tag Mars and Fizza ...
The Ego
Happy Birthday to Me!
21… legally an adult (not that I’ll use my 21 year old status to my advantage anyway so the legality of being 21 is just that: a formal and legal matter)
But if we want to get technical, we’ll say I’m 21 years old when it passes 8:30pm IST (that would be 7pm Dubai time).

It’s been a crappy start to my birthday…hope the day is better (not like the week running up to today has been great either).

I have a craving for Italian or Mexican food at the moment. Someone PLEASE satisfy my desire!!!
Oooooh I want to go see Jodha Akbar or some new movie!
And… I want to do something different tomorrow after my 9-4 class schedule that the ESFH (Evil Spawn From Hell) has drawn up. But what to do and whom to do it with???

Oh, and would asking for all the personal issues in my life to be sorted out be too much to ask???
Maybe it is.

And again we say… Happy Birthday to Me!!!

PS – Am not as depressed as I sound. Okay, maybe I am. Hmmm … or could this be my “drama queen” persona acting up again??? One will never know :P
I think I’ll go munch on a chocolate ├ęclair.
The Ego
I've been tagged... and it relates to books... yayyy!

So If you don't know the rules, here they are:

1. Choose the closest book to you with more than 123 pages (don't cheat)
That would be hard considering one of the three bookcases in my room is right next to me...basically there are many books but... okay, I'm choosing whatever is on top: "My Feudal Lord" by Tehmina Durrani.

2. Open it at page 123.
Okie dokie...

3. Read the 5th sentence.
Out loud? Here? Okay: "I was very comfortable with this decision."

4. Blog the next 4 sentences.
"He called one of the generals in Pakistan. In a nervous conversation, he managed to extend the deadline, buying an additional two months to test the strength of his support among the exile community. My family was living in London and I talked to my mother on the telephone frequently. But my father adamantly refused to accept the scandalous Mustafa into his family.

5. Tag 5 more bloggers.
Really? I don't know how many more bloggers actually read my blog!!! Well, Stained for one... others... don't know!!!
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