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The Ego
It seems December 31st can bring out the best ... or the worst in people.

I was in Karama this Mum and bro were in my car waiting for me while I was renting out a DVD (I took Night in the Museum with Ben Stiller...just finished watching it. Pretty good movie actually!) when my Mum called me. I was pretty surprised because she was right outside.
Here's a 99% accurate replay:
Mum: D, be careful when you come out side the rental store.
D (i.e. to say, me): Say wot?
Mum: There is a DRUNK guy outside our car...he almost slept on our car!!!
D: *shocked* Say wot?
Mum: HURRY UP!!!
So anyways, I hurried up and out and saw not a trace of any guy near my car, drunk or otherwise. It seems that while I was gone, a man came near the car and he was swaying and looking totally sloshed. Then he apparently leaned on MY CAR. Mum, of course, got a hearty shock and started honking for all she was worth. He was sloshed enough to NOT EVEN NOTICE the honking (I mean, I heard the honks all the way in the rental store) and then put his HANDS on my backseat window where my bro was sitting. My bro (here let me add, I don't know whether to be frustrated or just laugh because of what he did) got pretty excited. Let me explain why. Whenever he's going to school or wherever, I usually come out to say goodbye to him and then I put my hand on the window and he's understood that when I do that, he's got to put his hand also on the window to match where my hand exactly is. He must've figured it was time for the hand game coz he apparently put his hand where Mr Drunk's hand was! Sloshed and sozzled man was too sloshed and sozzled to realize this and THANKFULLY, at this juncture, some man from a cafeteria nearby hailed this man and started screaming at him and shooed him away. My bro was hence deprived of someone to play the hand game with. Thank heavens.
So much happens when I'm not there.

Jumping to another random track: I also saw Provoked today. Surprise, surprise...Aishwarya Rai didn't ham as usual! *shock* *horror* *gasp* I mean, face it...besides looking like a model, there's a limit to her "acting skills" (I still cringe at the 'Are you like, checking me out?' line from Dhoom:2). The movie itself was thought-provoking. It highlighted many aspects of physical and other types of abuse... the fact that subcontinental women are made to 'toe the line' in the name of honour and family while the man can go sow his wild oats ... the fact that women go to any length to hide their abuse from others for a variety of reasons ... all in all, I enjoyed that movie.

Oh and I went to MOE after that drunken episode...what's with the naked women over there??? Okay, not completely naked of course...but... there was this lady whom I'm PRETTY sure was wearing just a upper-thigh length black trench coat and NOTHING underneath. She was followed by contestant number two who looked like she was wearing a silky negligee also of upper-thigh length. If I'd stayed along longer, I would've probably found more contenders for the Who-Can-Be-Almost-Naked-And-Get-Away-With-It title.

Ah well ... end of another year... Happy 2008 in advance to everyone ... :)
The Ego
So my lil' car had to get its alignment fixed for which I had to go all the way to Ras Al Khor to the service centre there. I'd gone with my father the day we gave the car and the next day I'd gone with Mum to collect the car. The man who took the car and made a file on it etcetera again met with us to explain what had to be done with Bluebell (my car).

Here's the shock, horror and gasping part:
I'm waiting at his desk for him to give me the receipt to sign and all that (coz I'd signed for it the day before) when he looks at me and says, "Can you call your husband, I'll give him the number?"
I said, "Who?"
He said, "Your husband, your your husband"
I gave my best bitchy and arrogant look I could muster and said, "You mean my father"
Now it was his turn to look blank and say, "Your...?"
I said, "My father, MY FATHER. That's my mother, his WIFE (here I gestured toward Mum). I'm the daughter", with my bitchy look still intact.
He looked suitably embarrassed and didn't bother to ask me to call my father after that. Mum of course couldn't stop laughing.

My parents are in their late 40s. I am 20. HOW on earth can anyone think I'm married, that too to a man old enough to be my father...well, he is my father, but you get my point. Either I look way older (which I don't think I do) or my father looks way younger (well he doesn't look as old as he is but definitely not young enough to be a 20 year old woman's husband) OR the man thought I was pushed into child marriage or something. I don't know... all I know is, I called in my bitchy powers to look as, bitchy as possible.

Mum ... stop laughing.
The Ego
I walked across the room when I recognized a familiar face. I shook his hand and said the usual hi-how are you's when suddenly... he leaned forward, pulled me toward him... and...

...moved to my right and air-kissed me, then moved to my left cheek and air-kissed me there.
I was stunned. After avoiding the dreaded double-kiss that haunts social gatherings for so many years since 2003, I got caught (this happened at the DIFF volunteer party).

I first noticed it amongst my classmates in 11th grade...whenever they entered class and spotted their dearly beloved friends, they'd hug and double kiss with great affectations and I literally puked. Any old classmates who used to and still do this...I am not judging you, all I'm saying's stupid in my opinion and I don't like it and PUHLEEZZZ anyone whom I know reading this...don't make me do it. I will hug you if you want, but I will NOT do the double-kiss *muah* *muah* thing. And can you imagine, I have seen, or rather heard, girls actually making the *muah* sound while carrying out this ABSURD social ritual. I avoided it with my classmates see, I clearly remember, that one time, as one of them moved in for the kill, or rather, my cheek, I halted them quite rudely and said, "Don't do the cheek kissing thing with me" and while it worked, it hardly endeared me to anyone who patroned the double-kiss.

I unfortunately was forced to do it again today. This girl leaned in for the kill (I mean, my cheeks) and I just moved my face in the expected motions while all the time looking terribly aghast at my state. I wasn't sure if I should be rude to her and create a scene especially since I'm not too close to her.

I MUST start being rude again like I was to my air-kissing classmates... I cannot have anyone pretending to be kissing my cheeks again... it's too fake... highly pretentious and I feel terribly stupid doing it. Again, shake my hand, hug me, even ignore me if you must...but DO NOT DO THIS TO ME!
The Ego
Day 2 was actually Tuesday...but am a bit late in blogging. Nevertheless, my observations from that day:

- The return of uber-cute guy. According to Stained, I hit on him. Big Time. Most interesting. I didn't even know I was doing that and honestly speaking, I didn't even want to!!! Yeah he was cute and all that, but I'm not a hitter. But apparently I am. There was a bit of a rush that day and he was stuck in the line for about half an hour and I didn't move more than a foot away from where he was. And I was talking to him. And I know where he lives. And he's kind of from my community. Oh and did I mention I now suspect this uber-cute guy might be gay (I am led into suspecting this because of the highly touchy-feely actions of the man with him)? So now everyone who knows the details had an amazing time laughing at how I was hitting (unintentionally) on the hot gay(?) guy. My Mum almost rolled off her bed laughing. I love entertaining people.

- That day there was a rush coz well...the systems were down! Etisalat was not working or something...the internet wasn't accessible leading to a LOT of angry customers who decided that I, along with the other volunteers were to blame for Etisalat's internet no-show. I have never had so many people shout at me in one day!!!

- There was this ADORABLE older couple who came by. I went up to them and asked if they needed any help and the older man (like a cuddly old grandfather) said, "Well yes you can! I'd like two Irish coffees, some muffins and oh, could you give me two shots of Baileys?" and all in this in a very jovial voice. I giggled and said no while his wife (a cuddly hot grandmother) looked on. Turned out they wanted to collect their tickets ... but they were so cute and so much in love. It was terribly adorable.

- I LOVED working there. Yes yes, I was only volunteering and no, I wasn't getting paid, but it was amazing dealing with people and observing them. We had a few return visitors like the sweet old band of ladies and the grumpy girl and the man-who-hooked-up-with-the-lady-next-to-him (aaawww...DIFF brings people together!!!) and many others. Some of them recognized us (i.e. Stained and I) which was honestly gratifying...that people remembered us and didn't throw harmful objects at us. Hehe... Of course, there was the return of the girls-who-work-for-6hrs-in-towering-heels-and-don't-die-at-the-end ... I still find that fascinating. Not to mention ridiculous.

- Our supervising staff member took our names (Stained and mine) down when we were leaving and told him it was our last shift! Oooohhh... hope it's a good thing!!!

* * * *
I went for Loins of Punjab Presents yesterday. The director of the movie, Manish Acharya and Shabana Azmi came at the end. The movie was fun. Lots of 18+ jokes and all that (but what was 18+ before is now known to 10 year olds so ...hmmm), but it was very amusing. I was laughing a lot throughout the movie especially at the Gujju family, considering I know their habits oh-so-well ... haha... they were a treat to watch. Nice movie ... (Stained, remember the guy checking out the hotel bed??? Hahahahaha...)

All in all, I had fun at DIFF ... a few more days to go!!! :D
The Ego
I'm volunteering for DIFF. So if you see a girl with a mass of curls down her back at MOE, then it's probably me. You can wave if you want. :P I, however, might forget that I asked people to wave so I might probably think you're a lunatic. So on second thoughts, don't wave.

Anyways, a few things I want to share with whoever views this blog:

- I cannot do justice to this post without mentioning the uber-cute guy I met there. I would've drooled if I could. He stopped in the box office line and then turned his hot face at me and asked me about the catalogue. Omg, we were bantering. Me!!! With an uber-cute guy!!! Aaaaahhh... I will always remember you uber-cute guy... *sigh*

- The people in general were interesting. Some were extremely accommodating while some were at the other end of being terribly rude and bitchy. But I MUST mention this group of older ladies in a group watching movies back-to-back. They were sooooo sweet!!! They seemed mildly embarrassed that I overheard their plans to see Loins of Punjab ... but then I told them I wanted to watch it too!!! :)

- I have never encountered so many old lecherous men. Enough said.

- The other volunteers were a sight in themselves. Quite a few of them were high school kids. I can honestly say I NEVER looked like that in school. The girls were perfectly coiffed, with hairdos ranging from blowdried straight hairdos to blowdried curls to ... ah well, you get the point. Oh and their jewellery. Oh and the goo (read:make-up) they'd slapped on their faces. And one amazing specimen had worn heels. For a 6 hour shift which involves only standing up and walking around. Bless her sole (Pun intended). The guys were another story... ridiculous peacocks strutting around. What is the next generation coming to? I already have a generation gap with people 2-4 years my junior.

Ah well ... here's to another day of standing for 6 hours!!!
The Ego
Well, not a broken heart really but it makes for a more dramatic title and since we all know that that's what I am: dramatic ... you'll forgive me.

You know what I hate? People who promise something and you think you can trust them enough to keep that promise and then they go trashing it all over the place. Why make a promise...a serious promise...that you don't plan on keeping??? It hurts me especially when the promise-breaker is someone I care about.
Breaking the promise made just makes me wonder why I still give a fuck.

I'm like that I guess... it's like family: you can afford to screw up in front of your parents coz you know at the end of it all, they're still gonna be there for you (Well at least I know that with mine...don't know about other families). In the same way, some people test my commitment to stay.
I just want to warn them: don't push it. Even I have a breaking point. I reached it with someone (even though it took years to break, I eventually did in that case) and now I feel mildly numb about that person ... almost indifference. And I think, very truly, that indifference, not hate, is the opposite of love... because then you have no feelings at all. I'm not saying a broken promise can make me leave...if that was the case, my past would be littered with discarded 'friends'. I'm saying everything put together...well...I mean, if everything piles up and I reach my limit of patience, who knows?
Don't push it.
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