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The Ego
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday, dear Big Fat Ego
Happy Birthday to me!
May I blog forever more
May I blog forever more
Happy Birthday dear Big Fat Ego
Happy Birthday to meeee!!!

One year ago I started blogging... it's been fun and I don't want to stop anytime soon!!! YAY!!!
The blog is one year old :)
The Ego
My grandfather returned from Singapore on Friday and then only did I return home after spending the week with my grandmother and stealing WiFi.
I came home with a new perfume (YAY!) and... 3 boxes of liquor chocolates. Bless my grandfather. The most intriguing box was this one you can see here... with the chocolates in the shape of the bottles (Yes, I can see two are missing; methinks my father has already started on them).
I haven't had any yet...I think I'd feel SO GUILTY for eating them coz they look SO CUTE!!!

Hmmmm... cuteness be damned. Can't have my father and mother having them all with none left for me!
The Ego
I was in Baby Shop today. Yesterday. Well, however you want to see it. Basically, I was in Baby Shop a few hours back which technically falls into 'yesterday' but is still 'today' for me because... ah well, you get my point. Anyways, I was there and while I was searching for some stuff for my cousins and getting tempted to buy kid stuff for myself to play with, one tiny kid passed me by followed by his parents. He must've been anywhere between 3-5 years (I'm sorry, I'm quite hopeless guessing accurate ages since my 11 year old brother is already 5 feet plus, so I'm very bad at guessing ages via height) and he said, "Mama, I want to buy some loins" ... and his Mum said, "Yes yes, we'll buy you some lions" and then the kid said, "Yes Mama, LOIIINSSSS"
I started laughing before making my way to the Barbie section.
The Ego
We all know what the 'F' word is... the 'C' word is more dreadful: Cancer. I guess regular readers would know my relationship with autism. But perhaps not many know about my relationship with cancer.
Last night I found out that a sixth person from my family (dad's side) was diagnosed with cancer. To my knowledge, five people before that have been diagnosed with some form of cancer and four of them died because of it (there might be more for all I know). My paternal grandfather died of lung cancer (he died a year before my brother and cousin sister were born...kinda sad coz I was his only grandchild and if he'd lived another year, he'd have had two more). His two sisters died of breast cancer (one died before I was born and one died a few years back). My aunt (a cousin of my dad) died of breast cancer (her mother was one the breast cancer victims who died a few years back) leaving her baby girl behind. Another aunt got breast cancer and was treated with chemo and is right now cancer-free. And last night I learnt that yet another aunt ... breast cancer again. She's got two kids, ages similar to me and my brother.
So you might say cancer runs in the family huh... along with autism and twins...
The Ego
I'm not at home right now... am using someone's WiFi and since this is a first for me, I'm on a WiFi stealing high.
Anyways, my results came out a while back... and I did reasonably well in my subjects. However, even that 'reasonably well' is not enough to satisfy me. I am proud, yes, of what I've done in certain subjects, but somehow I feel like I've let myself down. I've learned in the past few years to not ask questions, to not ask people other than my close friends how they fared. I usually get angry with myself if I find that others have been more successful with the subject than I am. Especially subjects which I considered (perhaps wrongly, now that I look at it) my forte. Ah well... no one is angry or disappointed with my grades. As I said, they were above average I guess... But I don't see my studying hard a way to prove something to others or to prove something to my parents to make them happy. It's for me. And I just wish I was satisfied. But a very favourite teacher of mine (well he never actually taught me, but he was a teacher at my school and a family friend as well) told me once that he's happy that I'm not always satisfied with my marks or writing or whatever because then it would mean that I will strive to be better the next time around and he was proud of me for wanting to do better each time... I always remember what he said and feel okay. I experience this even when I write: I'm never satisfied with any of my pieces, but people seem to like them, so YAY for me!!!
I'm off... hopefully with a new post sooner than later.
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