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The Ego
Well, this has kinda been building up so I thought I might as well get it out at one go. I've been driving for over 2 years now (damn it, I feel old) and I feel like I'm not so much of a rookie anymore... so I want to comment on the driving situ in Dubai. And btw, I like driving in Dubai, so don't take this post as me being whiny etc and don't tell me "if you don't like it, leave" (yes Stained, this is directed towards you :P:P:P) ... all I'm saying is, there are certain idiots on the roads here, as there are everywhere... (and I must say, if I had to drive in Bombay, I'd crash the car within 2 minutes... the driving there scares me!)
Over the past few weeks, I've actually been driving more than I normally would in my hols, mainly because my Mum seems to now have some confidence in me and lets me drive even when she is in the car (which she would never do before, because as she previously used to say: "I'm in the car, you don't need to drive").
One thing I've noticed is the appalling lack of indicator usage. I mean, I'M SORRY if I'm not a mind-reader, but without the bloody indicator, how am I supposed to guess whether you want to change lanes, or which turn you're about to take on a roundabout??? It's mostly guesswork and I usually try and figure out which side the car is angled towards, which is ridiculous. I mean, the damn indicators are there for a reason people! USE THEM!
And if that were not enough, lately I've encountered a certain breed of clueless drivers. They seem to be trailing along in a certain lane and then they slowly, lazily move over to the other... and are halfway between two lanes as if they don't know where they are. Then suddenly... Inspiration strikes! And the car is jerked towards one side. Then surely, after a few minutes, the meandering between lanes begins. Usually caused by talking on the phone (and yes, I do drive and talk on my cell, but I seem to have mastered staying in my lane...the moment I feel I cannot talk and drive, I cut the line), applying make-up (I do it at when the traffic light is red or traffic jams:P), and I don't know what else.
There's the usual speeding of course... it's so common, what can I say about it? I understand the going-on-140 when the speed limit is (or rather, was ... :( ) 120 ... but those loonies going above 200... aaaaahhhhh... why don't they do that on an EMPTY road? Operative word being "empty".
Then there are the complete opposites. Just weeks ago, I was in the 2nd lane on the SZR and there were crazy fast drivers in the 1st lane as usual and 3rd lane was filled with normal speed people... my infernal luck that in front of me appeared one moron who INSISTED on driving BELOW 60 on the then-120km/h road and still felt the need to brake constantly. I had to suffer a few minutes of this torture before the 3rd lane cleared and I changed my lane. Oye Mr below-60... what the hell is the last lane for??? Grrrr...
Ah well...
I'm done ranting :)

The Ego
I haven't blogged in ages; my apologies. Come to think of it, I hadn't written in my personal diary for a long time as well...almost as if I didn't want to write anymore. *shudder* I actually cannot imagine a time when I won't write, so this long hiatus from my diary and from this blog is awful. I hope to be more regular from now.
Anyways, this post is long overdue: I'd watched the Deepa Mehta movie Water a few days back and for the first time in a long time, a movie made me angry. Oh no, don't get me wrong, the movie was EXCELLENT...I'd recommend it to anyone far and wide. A brief overview: the movie describes the plight of Hindu widows in India in the pre-Independence era. I was SO surprised with the acting...I mean, John Abraham is super hot and sexy and yummy was I? Yes, John Abraham...but I never expected him to play this serious role well. Ditto for Lisa Ray who looked BEAUTIFUL even in her plain white garb customary to Hindu widows.
This line (I'll translate it) hit me the most:
Old man: Do you remember the man you married?
Girl (between 6-9 years of age): No
Old man: He's dead now, so you're a widow
Girl: For how long do I have to be a widow?
The film started off with an excerpt from a Hindu religious text which outlined the utter barbaric expectations from a widow...and showed throughout the movie how the widows cannot wear anything but white, cannot be with men other than religious persons, cannot expect to re-marry...
Anyways, other than living in that way, they have the option to commit Sati i.e. immolate themselves on their husband's pyre. My goodness, have you seen any men throwing themselves on their wife's pyre if she dies before him? Have any religious texts ever asked this of them???
I was SO angry after watching this movie...true, the situation is better now what with the Indian laws thankfully NOT adhering to Hindu religion and has a law in place which allows widows to remarry. But what about rural areas? Women still commit Sati now and then, or else they stay alone after that ... look, if a woman is comfortable being alone and does not want to marry again, then fine. But even if she finds someone else and if she had to rigorously follow Hindu sacred texts, then what? As far as wearing white clothing only after his death, yes have an appropriate mourning period...who wouldn't mourn? It's the death of your partner...and sometimes, the love of your life (I say sometimes because not all wives love their husbands like they would their soul-mates) ... but to rob yourself of all colour all your life? My Dadi (paternal grandmother) wore white for a while after my Dada (paternal grandfather) died 12 years and my Mum kept telling her not to stay like that forever...I even remember buying her a blue-green sari from here and sending it to she wears coloured saris...and I am thankful for that.
It just shows that age old traditions are not always right...and questioning such traditions is NOT wrong...if those traditions make sense and have a good reason behind them, they will stand up to your questioning...and should they break, then they were always useless. Religion is not always right. In this case, it most certainly wasn't.
Imagine me following this particular religious day I could have blogged saying something like this blog is closing down coz I have to either separate myself from all worldly desires or else I'm going to jump into his funeral pyre.
Balls to this shitty text.
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