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The Ego
No seriously... this isn't a post about some SRK (ShahRukh Khan) look-alike... it's the real deal. My father got an invite from the ICICI Bank for their annual function, which was graced this year by SRK (as last year), along with Karan Johar and Kunal Ganjawalla for good measure.
It was great fun actually, which I did NOT expect from a bank-organized function. Started with a cocktail followed by the show and topped off by dinner. A quick round-up of what happened, along with some things which caught my attention:
  • SRK entered the hall in a gleaming red Ferrari. I managed to get a video of it, but it's unclear in certain spots mainly because of the amount of jostling by people to catch a close glimpse of the "Don" ... the Ferrari was shining and SRK was quite good to look at in the skin as well.
  • Kunal Ganjawalla performed his hits like Bheege Hoth Tere and Channa Ve... he sings amazing well live, but he's fatter than I thought he would be
  • Karan Johar, my personal favourite cutie... was adorable. He did an impromptu "Koffee With Karan" thing with the CEO of ICICI and SRK and that was SO MUCH FUN... an example of some of the naughty things SRK said coming up as well ... refer to next point!
  • KJ: If you had to choose between Koffee with Karan or Koffee with Kamath (the CEO), it would be?
    SRK: Milk with Mallika (Sherawat)
    KJ: If you had to give the book "The Art of War" to anyone, it would be?
    SRK: Amar Singh, because he doesn't know how to fight fairly
    KJ: If you had to give the book "How to remain faithful to your wife", it would be?
    SRK: He's my friend so he won't mind me saying this... Salman Khan
    KJ: If you had to give the book "How to get over your girl" (actually, I'm not sure if this was the title or something else, but... I remember the answer so...I have a vague idea of what the question was) to someone?
    SRK: Viveik Oberoi (with reference to Aishwarya Rai of course, so the crowd was amused)
    KJ: Who's the better actor: Hrithik or Aamir?
    SRK: Hrithik is better than Aamir and Aamir is better than Hrithik, but I'm the best!
    KJ: If you're the best in India, who's the 2nd best?
    SRK: I don't remember!
    Basically... he was very tongue-in-cheek and it was great fun for us! Many more such questions, but don't remember them all right now...
    Oh and one thing he said I so totally approved of:
    KJ: Who's the better dancer, Madhuri or Aishwarya?
  • Then SRK also took questions from the audience...but my most favourite was the first one asked by a little boy...
    Little Boy: Shah Rukh, how are you going to shoot for KBC tonight?
    The audience erupted in peals of laughter I must say! But then ... SRK replied...
    SRK: I sent Amitabh Bachchan instead!
    More laughter... But then he went on to explain to the little boy how the show was pre-recorded...
  • There was a nice song-and-dance thing, where SRK brought one girl and one guy on stage to dance with him... the girl on 'Pretty Woman' and the guy on 'Don'... the girl was very fake, the guy was moronic, but it was all in fun... so yay...
  • THE FOOD WAS AMAZZZINGGG... I hogged... oh forgive me, my conscience, but I so totally HOGGED... special mention to a particular dish called 'Chicken Daniya'... scrumptious... and the sweets, oh the sweets! Chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, strawberry mouse, barfis, gulab jamuns, malai something... and gawd knows what else... I felt like I was in food heaven after my current stint at healthy eating... I won't let loose again, I promise... but last night, I COULD NOT RESIST!
I had fun... *sigh* Can't you tell??? :D
The Ego
I don't know why I'm posting this, but I love this song...and if I could, I would've gone to the concert (Dubai Desert Rock) just to see this. But I didn't go, and that's the end of it ...

The Ego
So...again, continuing on the prior marriage talks, somehow, Mum and I got back to the whole "D-getting-married" topic. This time she asked me what I'd look for in a man I'd want to marry. This stemmed from her observation that I might just go find someone myself instead of her looking for someone for me. I, however, am not that stubborn. If they find someone who matches up to my criteria...why not??? Of course, note that, for me, marriage is on the cards only after 4 years AT LEAST, if not more.
In any case, for the purpose of sharing this info... following are a few of the things I think I want in my soul-mate or life-partner or what-have-you (there are other small, teensy-weensy preferences which I shall only get into when the following points are satisfied):
  • IQ higher than 120: Seriously...if you want to apply to D's life partner post, you have to have some brains. No dunderheads for me, I'm sorry. And honestly, if in some areas you're smarter than me, that's actually a plus.
  • Parlez-vous anglais?: If I haven't said it before, let me say it again. If you do not know how to speak English well, if your grammar is suspect...don't even TRY. Nothing pisses me off more than incorrect English.
  • Money, money, money: Why should I lie? I'm used to a certain way of living, a certain lifestyle. I'm not going to trade that for stupid crap like 'If you have love, what else do you need?' I'm sorry to say mister, you need some money! Besides, the suitor needs to be able to furnish me with the same level of lifestyle I'm used to now, if NOT more.
  • The 'Marry-D-Get-Bro-Free' package deal: Dude, let me make this can't deal with my bro, I don't want to deal with you. I'm sure there are better fish than you in the sea. So sod off.
  • I'm a Working Girl: That says it all. I don't want someone who expects me to not work. I'll stop working when I feel like it, thank you very much. I deserve my own level of independence; both creatively and financially.
  • Pet-lover: I think one day I'd want to have a dog again...prospective suitors need to be okay with any kind of pet; a dog gives you an edge though.
  • Cooking problem: I can't really cook. I've burnt an egg, for heavens sake. I'm okay with small stuff, but if you want proper meals... ummm, either sign me up for cooking classes (oh please don't; take the next option!), or know how to cook yourself, OR... use the money that I specified you should have to get a cook!
Oh and I suppose the guy should love me. What's the point of the above points if this point is not satisfied, don't you think?
The Ego
Well, it wasn't a dark stormy night 20 years ago, but for the sake of drama, let's pretend it was. So 20 years ago, on a supposedly dark and stormy night, D...the big fat ego was born.
So anyway...t'was a normal day today... wanted to merely share an interesting yet scary conversation I had today.
Grandmother: Oh, you're 20... one more year and we can start looking for guys.
Me: Guys? Huh?
G'mum: So you can get married
Me: WHat? At 21? Wot nonsense!
(at this point, my mum thankfully stepped into the fray)
Mum: No she won't get married so early...she has other things to do first. Then after 23, 24 we can look at marriage options.
But then the family started discussing Nazi-oriented interrogation techniques which they'd apply on prospective suitors... my uncle even suggested putting a detective on the suitors' tail. Scary thing is, he'd really do it!
Anyways, I'm 20... I'm actually not depressed... the only thing that has changed is that my orkut profile says I'm 20 and not 19 anymore. So it's all good...
I'm off... and I'm 20 ... and ready for ANYTHING... woohoo...
The Ego
So I'm 20 now.
I'll blog again at the end of the day... ah well... I'm so old... ;)
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