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The Ego
I didn't notice this until today. I finally managed to persuade my Mum to watch this movie (late I know, I know) and while one ticket gives the regular Dhs 30/- price, I just saw that the other one says Dhs 330/-

Most expensive movie ticket I've ever seen...
The Ego

Ducks!!! They were so cute... when they came in my path, they waddled off quickly into the water... :D
The Ego
You know what? The current spate of serials on Zee TV, Star Plus, Sony etc etc give me a headache. Seriously.
My grandmother has either the TV or the radio to entertain her throughout the day, and most of the time that I am there, she's watching one of these channels. Which is great...I mean, as long as she's happy. I, however, ensure that I take along something to read or listen to coz the times that I didn't have a book or music and wound up watching those serials for lack of anything else to do, I got a headache.
Those inane serials show the most stupid things like the women of the house always looking immaculate in heavy saris and a ton of makeup and jewelery YET somehow managing to do all the housework without breaking a sweat. Superwomen wot? Other weird things are the aunts and grandmothers looking as young as or even younger than their nieces/nephews and grandchildren, the vamp of the story wearing scary looking makeup, people dying then coming back to life then dying again then coming back with a new face and body structure, women sleeping in aforementioned heavy saris and makeup (only a FEW serials at least show them wearing robes or something less odd to bed), young girls saying their aim in life is to get an education and then just as promptly getting married and having a family with all plans of an education forgotten. There are more weird things...I just can't list them all.
It all started with the "K" serials methinks... *sigh*
All hail the 200+ year old Ba.
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