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The Ego
For those who have some time on their hands and want to read a spoof summary of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows... Go here.
I loved the seventh book A LOT as I've said, but this was pretty funny!!!
The Ego
I counted.
At least 90 creatures (includes witches/wizards, animals, house elves, goblins, Muggles and whatever else) died during the course of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and more are unaccounted for.
Yes, I counted.
Get over it!!!
PS - Do you seriously need more proof of my HP obsession???
The Ego
6 hours, 15 minutes, 36 seconds... I actually timed myself. That's how long it took for me to finish the book.
I'm not going to reveal anything...just say that I have finished it. And overall, am quite happy with it.
The Ego
I was coming back towards DMC from Academic City with Kazz today around half past 3. We were entering the roundabout that lies between between the Dubailand HUGE roundabout and the 4th interchange.
It all happened so fast it's still quite a blur to me. We were in the second-last lane on the right and there was another car (a green-blue Camry) on the outermost lane. From nowhere, an Audi A6 came speeding on maybe 100 or 120km/h and swerved into our lane missing us by almost nothing (and this is only because Kazz braked HARD; if he hadn't braked, it wouldn't have missed anything... and as Kazz said, an Audi A6 against the Sirion we were in??? We would've suffered...) and then proceeded to swerve into the last lane and hit the other car which actually did a 360 and then came to a halt in the middle of the road. Needless to say, me and Kazz were shocked... the two men in the Camry got out, and went over to crazy Abu Dhabi Audi guy, who btw, had a lady sitting in the passenger seat. That Audi ass looked stunned and was staring ahead and wasn't even looking at us or the two Camry men. After figuring out there were no bodily injuries (to which one of the Camry men said "Thank God" but actually pronounced it like 'Got'...) me and Kazz moved along.
We both reacted differently... he was quiet for a while after, while I was the active bubbly one with the melancholy of the near-accident hitting me much later, throwing me into a silent mode.
The debate between me and Kazz is still ongoing whether I screamed first (like so: "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!") and that's why he braked, or he braked first and then I screamed because of it. You can imagine that my big fat ego is still intact for me to suggest that he braked because I screamed. Needless to say, he thinks otherwise.
All in all, we are safe... thank goodness he braked...
PS - Thank you Kazz for telling me what the car models were... I didn't notice... all I remember about the cars was the green-blue colour of the other car and the Abu Dhabi number plate of the maniac...
The Ego
There are many choices YOU, as a woman, can make. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Just because he's your boyfriend, you don't have to marry him for fear of what society will think of you if you don't; if he's not the right guy...don't marry him. Simple as that.

Just because you've slept with him, doesn't mean you're obliged to marry him. It's possible that you made a mistake. Don't commit to that mistake for the rest of your life.

Just because you're engaged to him doesn't mean that if you break it off you're a bad person. If it's for the right reasons, then so be it.

Just because your parents say so, you don't have to marry a guy whom you're not sure about. Your parents may have had more experience, but it's your life. Make your own mistakes rather than letting your parents make a mistake out of your life.

Just because you married him doesn't mean you have to stay that way if the marriage is a failure; society and rumour-mongers be damned.

Just because you have kids doesn't mean you have to stay in a bad or unsuccessful marriage for their sake; if your kids love you and see that you're unhappy, they will still love you if you walk out of the relationship and will want you to be happy...

Don't regret your life... ever... that's the worst thing possible. As much as I'd hate to admit it...we have only one life. So there's no point in reminiscing when you're 68 thinking you've made a mess of your life just because...
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