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The Ego

This one makes only two sounds:
- Haw haw
- *evil laugh*

Finally I get Puss-In-Boots... wonder what I'll get next!!!
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The Ego

This one:
- Burps
- Makes a noise that I cannot decipher
- Laughs

I actually ordered two hoping I'd get two different toys, but the outlet I got it from actually had a box full only of this little guy... so now I have two of him!!! Looks like I should visit different McDonald's outlets to get a different toy or something!!!!!!!

I think at the end of it all, I'll take a group pic of all my Shrek toys... muahaha...

And to think...I'm 20!!! :-o
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The Ego

It cries, says "Papa" and burps.

'Nuff said.

PS - Here's the first Happy Meal...
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The Ego
Note: Ppl... stop reading behind the lines too much ... this is just a piece of writing... nothing else. I don't want a barrage of comments asking me whether I'm okay.

She got into the vehicle and sat at the back. Slumped was more like it. On came the headset and loud music blared into her ears. No one noticed what she was upto. She might as well have been not there. The silence was palpable (outside her headset-blaring world i.e.). The tension could be sliced cleanly with a knife. Was there a slight amount of hatred in the air? Or was it resignation to fate? Helplessness even? She sat staring outside at the greenery with nothing else to do. Was this PMS or was she just bipolar? PMS seemed safer. Bipolar implied medication and strait-jackets. Her face was frozen, expressionless. It was doubtful whether the thoughts rushing through her head could even be translated into expressions. If it could, her face would contort into that which would convey unpleasantness, depression and a slight dollop of pain. So she sat, almost unblinkingly, her face fixed in one direction, not listening to the silence in the area around her. The vehicle stopped. They had arrived. People were waiting. Her face, stony and frozen all this time, snapped into action. "How are you?" asked someone. She smiled brightly and cheerfully replied, "I'm excellent, and yourself?" and inwardly winced at the facade.
Goffman would have been proud.
The Ego
I was at Ibn Battuta a while back at the food court in the Tunisian thingy. All was well. Got fish and chips (Love those) and I was content.
But then I noticed. Everywhere I turned, I saw little kids running around with things in their hands. Toys. The toys you get from the McDonald's Happy Meal. And for those who haven't noticed, McDonald's is carrying out a Shrek-Happy Meal thingy. Most of the brats running around, literally throwing their Shrek toys in my face, were holding the Gingerbread Man or Shrek himself. After about 40+ kids showing off... I had had enough.

I went and bought a Happy Meal.

That no one really wanted.

To get a toy.

I got Shrek. He makes a burping noise, a laughing noise and also says "OOOWWWW"

I couldn't resist! Those kids were literally rubbing it in: "I have a Shrek toy and you don't! Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyaaahhh!"

I'm such a big baby... *embarrassed*
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The Ego
I'm telling ya... no one else would celebrate something like this.
One year ago, this day... I had my stomach cut open.
No, really.
It was my first blog post really... I had my appendicitis operation... for those who started reading this blog late and didn't read the old entries... you might wanna check this one out.
One year ago... ah, how the time flies...
What fond memories of that day.
Some more pain.
And a catheter.
Such bliss.

Happy Appendicitis Operation Anniversary to me!
Happy Appendicitis Operation Anniversary to me!
Happy Appendicitis Operation Anniversary, dear D...
Happy Appendicitis Operation Anniversary to me!
May I never go through such pain anymore
May I never go through such pain anymore
Coz I never wanna be hooked up
To three tubes ever more!
Happy Appendicitis Operation Anniversary!!!!

Okay, that's enough now.
The Ego
I had to get my blood test done today for my visa renewal. For those who do read my blog regularly, they will know that I have been victim to a million types of pregnancy questions. And of course, on the form today that I had to fill, it asked me: "Are you pregnant?" (or some such question), options are "Yes", "Maybe" and "No". Well, what happens when a single girl ticks "maybe" ... does she get deported right away or do they check her first to see if she really is pregnant? Anyways, I resisted the temptation to find out and ticked "No" ... (however I would be famous albeit jailed and deported if I had an immaculate conception...hmmm). Anyways... back to the main story:
I was waiting for my turn to let the nurse jab me with a needle, hoping it wouldn't bring back more of the pain memories from my appendicitis last year (almost a year now...) when I heard 3 Doors Down 'Here Without You' starting to play. It was a ringtone...and my hand automatically went butt. STOP! Stop all those naughty thoughts right this minute. My cellphone was in the 'butt pocket' of my pants and I reflexively thought my cell was ringing. Only then I realized my ringtone isn't Here Without You anymore and it was on silent anyway. After those 3-5 seconds of wondering about the song, a man...A BALD MAN...picked up his cell and walked off to talk on it. I'm telling ya, if I wasn't in a hospital, I would've squealed VERY loudly. As it were, I didn't. A bald guy with what looked like a Sony Ericsson (dunno wot model) had kept 3 Doors Down's 'Here Without You' as his ringtone! What were the odds??? And he didn't look half bad either... mammaa mia!
But then... disaster struck...
As I was leaving the hospital hoping to cherish memories of the hot bald guy who liked 'Here Without You' enough to keep it as his ringtone... I saw him. Outside the hospital. SMOKING.
And with his nicotine did my hopes and dreams go up in smoke (can't stand a smoker as my life partner...).
Ah well... maybe someday... another hot bald guy...with a Sony Ericsson...and 3 Doors Down...with a hot body and sexy butt like this guy had... someday... someday!
The Ego
I made this list before... and I was inspired to add to it!!! (new bits are in italics)
Now, this is new: my commentary on what I actually think about these fine specimens of male booty.

List of hot guys on television
In random order:
1. Milo Ventimiglia (Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls/Peter Petrelli on Heroes)
Dreamboat. Who can act!!! What more can we ask for??? ***SPOILER*** I cried when Heroes ended... guess why... *sniff* I also cried when his character left Gilmore Girls. I screamed with happiness thereby unsettling my bro when I saw him on a guest spot on the same show.

2. Wentworth Miller (Michael Scofield on Prison Break/ Hot guy on the Mariah Carey video "We Belong Together" and appeared at the end of "It's Like That" also by Mariah Carey)
Ummmm... Greek God. Who also can act!!! And he's always walking around without his shirt on the first season of Prison Break... yayyy...

3. Josh Holloway (Sawyer on Lost)
Rough, rugged, brooding... and... yes, he can act!!!

4. Michael Weatherly (Logan Cale on Dark Angel/Tony DiNozzo on NCIS)
He's soooooooooo cute... this sweetheart type of guy... at least, he acts that way...

5. Jensen Ackles (Alec on Dark Angel/He's in Supernatural also...haven't seen that yet. It also features "Dean" from Gilmore Girls who does not feature on this list)
Seen him on a limited scale, but have heard he's on Smallville also, soooo... looking forward to that. Very rough and tough sometimes... very vulnerable sometimes... :)

6. David Boreanaz (Angel/Angelus on Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Agent Booth on Bones...yummy yummy...David Boreanaz i.e. not bones)
I don't CARE how old he is... I don't care about anything... he's the man. Or vampire.

7. James Marsters (Spike on Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Ditto for him... (refer to 6)

8. Tom Welling (Clark Kent on Smallville)
Baby boooyyy... cute little babbyyyy... makes me wanna pull his cheeks...

9. Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor on Smallville)
Love bald guys... adore them... although this one acts better than 8 methinks.

10. Noah Wyle (Dr. John Carter on E.R.)
Honeybun. Sugarplum. The SWEETEST doctor EVER! I'd love to be his patient anytime!!!

11. Goran Visnjic (Dr. Luka Kovac in E.R.)
Also would love to be his patient. Although he's more of the brooding type.

12. George Clooney (Dr. Doug Ross on E.R.)
I can't type... thinking about his sexiness...

13. James Spader (Alan Shore on Boston Legal)
Now, he is NOT hot. He makes it on this list because he's one of the best actors on this list. Seriously. He acts bloody well and the roguishness that he gives his character makes him look sexy. If he didn't act that way, no one... seriously, NO ONE would give him a second look.

14. Drew Fuller (Chris Halliwell on Charmed)
*siiiigggggggghhhhh* I cried a million times when he died on the show... I downloaded that episode just to see him cry again. He's no great shakes as an actor, but he looks dreamy.

15. James Lafferty (Nathan Scott on One Tree Hill)
The NEWEST love of my life. OMG... *drool*

16. Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill)
He acts well... looks good... nice body... yay for female TV viewers!

17. Patrick Dempsey (Dr. Shepherd aka McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy)
Oh oh oh ... McDreamy you are... yum yum... Aaaaahhh, how does his hair stay that way??? A lot of hair gel no doubt... or wax, as someone I know was wont to use.

I shall keep updating this list as new TV shows enter my life. And... for now... goodbye...
PS - Grey's Anatomy today!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!
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