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The Ego
I'm perfect at wasting time if I am motivated enough (i.e. I need to be bored enough). And to add to that, my narcissism truly helps me in my mission to fritter away my time aimlessly.
For example, for the last hour, I've just been re-arranging and adding new photographs to the collection in my room. I have anywhere from 35-45 photos of MYSELF (and sometimes my friends and family thrown in here and there; but say 80%-85% of the pics have me in it) all framed on the walls and tables of my room. Suffice to say, I'm happy with todays work. I was bored witless enough to make sure the frames matched the colours of the photograph...for example, in one pic I'm wearing red, ergo it's in a red frame, and so on so forth. The heights of my narcissism...can it have already reached its peak?? ;) Naaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
Another way to waste time is on the phone... to the best of my knowledge... here are my top three longest phone convos (at least, the ones that I remember; I'm sure I must've had many more just as long as these) :
3. 1 hour 52 minutes... starting time about midnight
2. 2 hours 25 minutes... starting time also about midnight
1. 3 hours... starting time again about midnight
Seems like midnight is the golden hour for people to call me and make the list eh? Oh, and for those people who say girls talk a lot...these top 3 records I made while talking to guys. You men yak just as much as girls, if not more. I'm off to waste more time... I wonder when I'll get around to finishing my assignments... :(
Oh oh oh... Bertrand Russell (bless his soul) said: "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time."
And I enjoy most of the time I waste ergo I've not really wasted my time...Wooohooo I love Bertrand Russell more and more!!!
The Ego
Edit: warning removed... :P

I've learnt not to speak when I am angry. I've learnt to think things over and then speak, coz in anger, who knows what I can say or do? So I try to keep my mouth shut...what is it that they say..."Speak when you are angry - and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret"? I would've made one of my best speeches today but no way would I have regretted it... I now regret not making it.

So...if I was more composed, this is what I would have said to you:
If there is a God, then I hope that He/She truly castrates you as you had requested yourself a few weeks back coz it would be an immense pity to pass on your horrific genes to unsuspecting progeny. And one more thing, I'd rather let the entire homo sapien specie die out than have anything to do with you.

I feel much better.
The Ego
Right. So...was going through a tunnel from DMC (Dubai Media City) to KV (Knowledge Village) in Bluebell (my car) with Kazz and Off in tow. Kazz made some crack about my driving and I told him to get out of my car (in jest, of course!). Well, the car was moving and even though he DID open his door, he obviously did not get out. Sooooo... while in the tunnel, I stopped smack in the middle (thank the planners that the tunnel had 2 lanes, otherwise I might've held up traffic!), and said, ok now go! And that nincompoop actually got out! There he was...walking outside on the little pavement meant for loony ppl who want to walk through that lonely tunnel. I followed him for maybe 5 seconds and when he showed no sign of relenting in those 5 seconds, I braked, put the car on park and snapped the hand brake up. I not only parked the car in the middle of the road (there aren't even any yellow lines...just two lanes!), I herewith proceeded to get out of the car and walk after him in an attempt to get him back in the car. Where was Off? Oh, left in the backseat of Bluebell. However, the childlock was not on today (I usually keep the childlock on for my backseats coz of my bro; he has a devilsh and dangerous tendency to open car doors whilst the car is moving!), so he got out and started driving my car! (Ok, no one... NO ONE has driven my car before except Kazz simply coz I don't let anyone else touch this was a mild shock)
So there we were... me and Kazz... in the tunnel... and no car. Ah well...we kept walking, and found the car and its hijacker up near the BITS and Welcare block. Off then dared me to walk all the way to our college block and I was going to do that coz I mean, it's not a long distance anyway. I started walking, but then Kazz went all wonky and manhandled me (YES, he manhandled me!) by literally pushing me into the car. I was stuffed into the backseat of my own Kazz...which is no mean feat, coz let's face it: I'm bigger than him.
I've therefore come to the conclusion, going by past experience, and this as well, that even thin people are stronger than me. I have no strength in me. Ah, helpless damsel I am indeed.
Wot was the moral of this story?? Errr... don't DITCH your friends...and if you do, run after them... and errrr... size is definitely no indication of strength!!!
The Ego
I am not a practical person.

I attended the wedding reception of a friend of mine yesterday. She's a month younger to me... I just hope she will be happy. That's all I can say.

I did something yesterday that reminded me of the song "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol. It was perfect for the setting methinks...
If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world?
If only.

My current MSN Messenger personal msg says: Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead. Honestly, you need to do everything you want to do (within reason; for heavens sake, don't rob a bank or something) right now... there is NO later. Otherwise you'll always regret what you didn't do.

And that is that!
The Ego
As she surveyed the room with her red, water-filled eyes, she wondered how she could bear the cold emanating from the bare tiles. Considering she felt cold all the time, here she was...on the icy, chilling floor. Crouched in a corner, the water on the tiles was a puzzle until she realized it was her own tears on the floor. Had she cried that much? She didn't remember. Maybe she blacked out. Shivering, but not from the cold, she tried to get up again...and again...and again... until finally some strength helped her up.
How had everything gone so wrong? She needed to stop... this was giving her a headache... would Panadol work? How many to have? Or was sleep a better option? She could hope for a dreamless sleep so that the pain not there anymore. But then, when she woke would start all over again. Wot was the point...nothing worked anymore.
Ah, the phone rings...a family member. Now is when her acting prowess will come in good stead. She laughs...speaks as though she has not a care in the world. And oh, the family buys into her act. Can they see the hurt, lonely and lost person behind the facade? Not at all. An actress indeed.
It's her fault...who asked her to be so damn attached to things and to people?
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