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The Ego
I feel I belong to a rare breed of homo sapien that actually likes to study. Seriously, I like it. I love the tension associated with exams...It's a paradox for me really, coz when I'm going through stress, I act like a whining crazy person but after it's done I relish it. Weird, don't you think???
But I digress. I enjoy studies as well coz I'm damn good at it! (See, now you know why this blog is called "Big Fat Ego") I generally handle my academics quite well and I pick up new concepts relatively fast. I mean, C'MON... I taught myself differentiation in about 2 hours...some people couldn't even get it after hours of lectures... with a professor!
So IMAGINE my horror when yesterday I was lost for about 1 hour of my 1.5 hour Accounts class. OMG... I was sooooooooo upset, simply bcoz I am NOT used to not understanding stuff. My ego felt deflated. Which caused my mood to go bust, which resulted in my going on an impromptu drive (very big thing for me)... and when I'm upset, I am known to "drive like a guy". Which apparently means I take more risks and/or drive fast. Or something like that I think.
But not to worry, I just inflated my ego almost back to the same enormous size after revising it at home in peace... I think and I hope I've got the hang of accounts now... Hmmmmm...
The Ego
So there I was... watching NDTV when suddenly this program comes on where teenagers debate on certain issues. The issue for that day was whether religion makes a difference in choosing a life partner etcetera etcetera...
As a person who has definitive views about the place of religion in my life, I was intrigued and sat down to watch. I positively needn't have bothered. Those crazy people were busy shouting at each other about adjustment (I mean, the NUMBER of times the word 'adjustment' was bandied around... that word should have been banned from the 'debtate') and not concentrating on the real core at hand... T'was most infuriating. Especially since most of them implied that it would be necessary to marry within the same religion.
I honestly believe religion shouldn't matter in the sense that if you love someone then you obviously accept all aspects of him/her, so why reject that person based on their faith? I admit that less adjustments take place if you're from a similar group, but the point is, why can't you just marry whomever you want?? Regardless of whom they pray to!
I mean... C'MON... it's not like your heart first scans people based on their just click with certain people and it's not necessary that this fitting-in-together-perfectly happens with people from the same background, country, religion or caste...

The worst part is... I don't think many people feel this way... and I'm petrified of the possibility that I might end up clicking with someone who belongs to a completely different background than me and while I will want to go ahead with it, that person will reject that idea bcoz I am different with regard to religion... But then again, that would mean we didn't really 'click', doesn't it??? (Or it might be his family sort of being the "kabab main haddi") I'm not sure if that's comforting or bloody irritating!!!

Which reminds me of a quote... I forgot who said it, but it's one of my favourites:
You laugh at me because I am different; I laugh at you because you are all the same.

Edit: Hah.
I am watching LOTR... AGAIN... and I realized...Aragorn and Arwen - Mortal and Elf-Kind - hitched up in the end. So there. HAH. It could happen.
The Ego
I hate the rules I have to follow... they make no sense to me at all... one of those being I can't drive at night. I've been driving for over a year now and it seems to be one of those unfair rules thrown at me by my parents simply because they can. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to why this rule is even in place. I mean, I live in an area where there's no public transport...none of my friends live even remotely close to me, so I have no other choice than to go places by car! I have my own car, I've never had an accident for the one year and 4 months that I've been driving... so WHAT is the problem with driving at night??? My parents STILL have to cart me around everywhere coz of this rule...It would make life simpler for all of us if they just let me use the car! It's not like I walk out of the house when I want and take the car without permission... Every time I use the car... MY CAR, I might add, I ask first before doing anything... But nooooooooooooo... I still can't drive it after sunset. I'm not even asking to stay out late!!! Is 8pm or 9pm too difficult to grant to come back myself??? Balderdash.
My friend says I'm lucky I even have a license (she doesn't), but my point is...wot's the point of having the license when I can't drive when I want???
The Ego

J., thanks for telling some people that I was stuck in the uber-clean hospital after an appendix operation!
Those who DIDN'T know coz well...errr...they just didn't know... I was admitted to the hospital last Saturday (June 10th to be precise) with a burst appendix and had to have surgery to remove the damn thing.
I got back home yesterday but there are two "holes" (as I like to call 'em, much to P.'s disgust; I even likened the main scarred area to a sleeping bag with a zipper in the middle and she totally freaked doing that to her...heehee) in the stomach area... all bandaged up, I do assure you... I haven't had the stomach (pun intended) to look at the scars or whatever, so maybe in a few months I'll deign to look over there

Basically, I'm kinda screwed for the summer coz by instructions: *drum rolls and fanfare*
- I cannot climb up and down stairs a lot (which is a bummer coz there are stairs - 20 to be precise - in my house, so I go downstairs ONCE a day so that kinda messes up my PC time and TV time and all the other 'times' coz for TV I used to go down, even though I have a TV in my room, and my PC is upstairs in my room... argh)
- I cannot lift heavy things for at least 2-3 months (suits me)
- I can't bend ... which is not a problem coz seriously I can't bend without experiencing PAIN
There must be more instructions, I can't remember ... oh whatever...

The operation lasted about 3 hours if I'm not mistaken...I was blissfully sleeping through it all. Not so blissful afterwards though. Ah, but before they put me off to sleep, I did hear really CORNY hindi loooove songs playing in the background and I'm thinking, "Wot if they keep singing along or something and they mess my insides up all coz of a corny song?!?!" Then, I went into black nothingness and uptil now everything seems to be fine so I s'pose they did NOT sing along while cutting me open. I DID see the damn bottle with my appendix in it. Those people kept it on that trolley bed that they used to wheel me outta the recovery room, so it was like this: I was in a haze of anesthesia and I opened my eyes and I see my family, and J and her family staring at me with worried faces and then I look towards my feet and I see this bottle with this THING in it, and I'm thinking, "Woooooo, wot's that? It's soooo ickkkyyy" and imagine me thinking this in a very amused way, and then I go back to oblivion before I open my eyes again and I vaguely remember seeing a lift, then oblivion, then a room, then oblivion, then J telling me SOMETHING (sorry, no idea wot), then oblivion, then... PAINNNN!!!

And yeah, about 4 people asked me if I was pregnant or had a baby! It went like this:
1. (a while before the operation)
Doctor dude: Are you pregnant?
Me: No. I'm 19. And NOT married. NO!

2. (RIGHT before the operation)
Surgeon dude: Is there a POSSIBILITY that you COULD be pregnant?
Me: Nooooo
Surgeon dude (who was a really cool chap btw): I mean, I know you're 19 and not married, but you COULD be pregnant; it's happened before
Me: TRUST ME, there is so totally NO possibility of me being pregnant. Seriously. I should know.

3. (3rd night at hospital; 2am)
*phone rings*
Me: Hellloooo?
Scary lady on phone: Ma'am, when are you going to feed your baby?
Me: I don't have a baby. *slams phone*
(After one minute) *phone rings*
Me: Yes?
Still a scary lady on the phone: Ma'am, I was wondering, are you going to feed your baby?
Turned out she was connected to the wrong roon, but wotever

4. (5th day at hospital)
Lady-who-poked-her-head-through-my-curtain: Hello, did you have a baby?
Me: No, I did not. My appendix burst and I had an operation. NO BABY!!!

Seriously... wot was with all the baby talk??

Other than babies, 3 tubes which were stuck into my body in various positions, not much sleep at night bcoz of the tummy pain, having to wear those open-at-the-back-so-take-a-free-look-at-my-butt-and-backside hospital nightgowns, having shown at least 12-15 people my BODY (by the 3rd day, I was so used to it, I didn't even grimace like I used to; I was like, yeah sure, take a look, everyone here seems to have seen everything anyway), and not being able to wash my hair the entire damn time I was there... I have emerged almost unscathed.
It was nice of most of my friends to visit me regularly... awfully sweet of them. (although I did have a lingering suspicion some of my guy friends came coz I had the World Cup channels in my room...come to think of it, they were watching football most of the time they were there!)

So that's that... if you know me well, you know my flair for telling people about all these happenings... hehe... and making it sound like some kind of soap opera... everything just manages to happen to me, doesn't it?? Ah well, c'est la vie...
I don't think I'll be able to go back to work anytime soon and that's pretty sad actually; I was starting to enjoy myself and get into the groove before my dear useless appendix decided to 'un-groove' me.
The Ego
Sooooo... my first blogging experience... most interesting. I've been contemplating starting up a blog for two weeks now... ever since the recent fracas in the newspapers about students being suspended for blogging blah blah blah.
I really can't think of wot to stuff on this page right now, so I figured I'd throw in wot I think would be interesting to read. I had written this in the month of June... this was an email I'd sent to my friends after returning from the hospital after an operation... Now I'm fine though... but I had fun telling people wot had happened to me!
Ah well ... :)
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